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  • Partner: You want greater reach, IFPA offers multi-venue, year-round visibility
  • Sponsor: You run with the cool kids, IFPA showcases your cred
  • Advertise: You’ve got a target, IFPA has your audience

IFPA Members are Your Audience

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Annual Partnership

Become an IFPA Annual Partner for year-round, multi-faceted visibility 

You’ll gain broad-based exposure as your company is featured in at least three high-profile visibility options, including expos, sponsorships/advertising, and attendance at events. Annual Partners also enjoy personalized, consultative year-round service and alignment of your marketing goals and media strategies within the IFPA ecosystem.

See the current Annual Partner Showcase. Imagine your company featured there! 

As an Annual Partner, you’ll get: 

  • Advance notice of new opportunities – before the general membership 
  • Year-round visibility with recognition on the IFPA homepage 
  • A dedicated IFPA Account Manager and customized payment terms to suit your needs 
  • Recognition during a general session at The Global Produce & Floral Show, The Washington Conference, The Retail Conference, The Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference & The Foodservice Conference 
  • Special signage at The Global Produce & Floral Show and The Foodservice Conference 
  • Two (2) extra Retailer/Sponsor VIP Reception tickets at The Global Produce & Floral Show 
  • Five (5) additional hotel rooms (on top of your existing allotment) at The Global Produce & Floral Show 
  • Complimentary use of private meeting room space (as available) at The Global Produce & Floral Show 


"Being an Annual Partner maximizes our IFPA membership and ensures that Giumarra stays immersed in important programs and conversations that shape the future of our industry. As Annual Partners, we are informed of the newest opportunities and have a personalized feedback channel that we know is heard and valued as the leadership and staff of IFPA strive to continuously grow our industry, drive consumption, and foster talent."

Megan Gorgisheli | Director of Marketing Administration

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Become an IFPA sponsor to reach your target audience 

Appeal to a highly qualified market at any of our targeted events or cover your bases with a strategic sponsorship that connects you with growers, suppliers, buyers, and everyone in between – all on your terms, when and where you see fit. Check out our available options and contact us for custom options.

Contact Us

  •  Events: Have you brand be on the building, the table, the signage or part of the experience at any of the IFPA signature events throughout the year. View our upcoming events to see where you brand best fits.
  • Webinars and podcasts: Many opportunities in the Fresh Takes on Tech podcast as well as webinars hosted throughout the year. The podcast garners 700+ weekly listeners alone! 

Your Audience is on our Website

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Become an IFPA advertiser to be front and center when your targets seek solutions 

Catch your target audience by advertising with IFPA. Talk to us about your goals and we’ll find you the best options to reach your audience. 

Digital ads: Your next customer is using the IFPA website to find resources about product channels (retail, foodservice, floral) and high-priority issues (technology, sustainability, food safety, supply chain, marketing, global trade, talent, and consumer trends). Targeted digital ads ensure that when they look for solutions, they find your company. 

In-person visibility: When your target audience attends IFPA events, be sure they see you! Whether it’s an onsite banner, activation, hotel advertising, mobile app advertising, or other visibility options, you gain direct, global access to companies looking for the best solutions to grow their businesses.  

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