Priority Issues

cover page of the 2024 Policy and Floral Public Polices document

2024 Fresh Produce And Floral Public Policy Agenda
and an in-depth look at each of our priority issues.

Explore our Positions On Priority Issues

US National Capitol in Washington, DC.

Farm Bill

The specialty crop industry is united in advocating for a common set of priorities as Congress prepares to reauthorize the Farm Bill before it expires in 2023.

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Truck driving on the asphalt road in rural landscape at sunset with dark clouds

Infrastructure & Transportation Policy

Learn how IFPA is advocating to address significant delays in the infrastructure and transportation of delivering fresh produce to retail and wholesale customers.

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Man standing in a field at sunset.

Fresh Produce Workforce

Learn more about the industry's needs and efforts for legislation to reform our broken immigration system and help build a legal and reliable workforce.

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Hand holding magnifying glass over a bowl of salad with the nutrition information of the salad showing in the glass

Nutrition & Growing Consumption

Federal nutrition policy and programs play a pivotal role in helping Americans address barriers to access and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Close up farmer hand in gloves harvest farm product fresh vegetable in green house or hydroponic organic farm for clean and food supplier chain as agriculture business

Food Safety

Empower your business with a comprehensive suite of food safety tools and valuable information designed to protect your products, consumers, and company.

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USDA Organic label is seen on a bag of gala apples.

Organics Policy

IFPA is at the forefront of organic policy issues that our members face throughout the growing organic sector in the fresh produce industry.

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Lettuce plants growing vertically at an indoor aeroponic farm

Sustainability & Climate

Understand social, economic and environmental opportunities through sustainable actions.

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