PMA's Strategic Plan

What PMA's Strategic Plan Means for You

PMA and the Center for Growing Talent by PMA have a new plan for the future, PMA 2.0. It is focused on two things: you and your business. Developed by the PMA Strategic Planning Task Force, composed of member volunteers and staff, the new plan considers the critical trends and issues facing the global produce and floral industry now and into the future.

Watch our whiteboard video that outlines our plan: 

 So just what exactly is PMA 2.0?

It is a road map for our year-round delivery of personalized and differentiated value for our members worldwide – in the U.S. and around the globe. 

Our four key value areas align with your current and future needs: 
 Global Connections Global Connections
We’re growing our community in the U.S. and around the world, connecting you to more opportunities to increase your business. We’re linking you to new contacts, new markets and the business and consumer trends and insights you need, whether you are in Salinas or Sydney, Santiago or Shanghai.
 Science and Technology
Science & Technology
We’re working to translate innovations in science and technology into practical, “real-world” solutions you can apply to your business.
 Industry Talent
Industry Talent
Center for Growing Talent by PMA works to attract, develop and retain talent for our members worldwide—the talent you need to continue innovating and driving consumer demand.
 Issues Leadership
Issues Leadership
We have a sharper focus on issues impacting our industry and your business.

What is the benefit to our members of this work?

When we help you build connections – to experts, ideas, trends and talent – you can focus on building consumer demand for the products that you grow, ship and sell.

As your 365-day-a-year source for connections – with the right people, information, tools and insights – we’ll be here to help you grow and prosper.


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