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IFPA leaders attended the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, the first meaningful convening on these issues in half a century, in September 2022. Not only was IFPA proud to provide the produce and florals for the event, but more importantly, key insights to drive the national nutrition blueprint in the form of its Fruit and Vegetable Moonshot, an 8-point plan on a national nutrition strategy.

IFPA Industry Commitments

Not all solutions can come from the federal government, and so, the Administration also asked industry to consider what they could contribute to achieve the goal of ending hunger and reducing diet-related disease by 2030. IFPA is pleased to be included in the White House selection of the following industry commitments:


Launch a new public database called Produce in the Public Interest to house and disseminate research about fruit and vegetable consumption with a focus on identifying and mitigating barriers to improving national eating habits.



  • IFPA is engaged in an interview process with potential stakeholders of a produce database to determine the type of data that will enable transformative change required to address nutrition security and increase consumption.
  • IFPA has identified a framework to contextualize produce consumption at the individual, social, and structural levels. This innovative approach can help provide meaningful insights to drive interventions that work and share stories of success in communities across the U.S.

Produce and disseminate culturally-informed, consumer-friendly resources to improve the public’s nutrition literacy 



  • IFPA conducted a series of interviews to understand the lack of the public’s nutrition literacy and discovered it’s not the quality or availability of education but the ability to reach the right audiences.
  • IFPA has launched a series of targeted campaigns to increase nutrition literacy including;
    • Medical community: IFPA partnered with Osmosis, a company that helps disseminate microlearning to medical practitioners, students and patients, and has shared their first educational video in 2023 on Produce Prescriptions:
    • K-12 school recipes: IFPA created 10 Fruit and Veggie forward school breakfast recipes with minimal added sugar to help school food service operators implement USDA’s proposed meal pattern updates to better align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommendations on added sugar consumption.

Facilitate a public-private partnership with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), Indianapolis, and Denver to double residents’ consumption of fruits and vegetables by 2030 – then using lessons learned as a model to move to additional cities.



  • IFPA and PHA are actively working with local officials, including data mapping and collection to establish a baseline for consumption.
  • IFPA is working with industry partners from retailers, to wholesale distributors and more to be prepared to work with mayors, officials and food policy councils in each city to provide ideas and solutions to drive consumption.
  • IFPA and PHA Additional cities are actively identifying additional cities for this work. More to come!

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