October 27-29, 2022

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Exhibitor Setup

The Convention Center
  • Fresh Summit expo will be located in halls B through I of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The street address for the convention center is 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130. This IS NOT the shipping address. Please use these shipping labels to make sure your items are delivered on time. 
  • View Convention Center Policies
  • Sales Tax: The Louisiana state tax is 4.45%, plus city sales taxes of 5.75% (total of 10.2%), so budget accordingly. 
  • Exhibitor parking is available for a daily fee, but overnight parking is prohibited. Please review parking information on the convention center website.  
  • Parking in front of the convention center is not allowed. Contact Georgia Belden with any questions.  
  • If you are making a delivery using a personally owned vehicle, you must check in at the Marshalling Yard before going to the convention center. 
  • Holding a meeting at the convention center: Meeting rooms are available to be reserved in the convention center. Fill out an industry meeting room form to reserve a meeting room. 
  • Electricity, air and plumbing will come from the floor, but internet will be dropped from the ceiling with the exception of the low ceiling areas (those will come from the floor) 
  • Floor covering is not included with your booth, and it is required. You may provide your own carpet or other floor covering or purchase it from GES
  • Columns and low ceilings are marked on the floor plan. If you have a question about how these affect your booth, please contact [email protected] right away. 
  • All exhibitors must abide by the booth display guidelines.
What Are Exhibitors Allowed to Set Up?

Louisiana is a “right to work” state. Full-time employees* of the exhibiting company are permitted to do the following without hiring union labor: 

  • Set up exhibit space with the use of tools 
  • Plug in equipment (once the convention center’s electricians have delivered power to the booth) 
  • Hand carry materials into the convention center without the use any type of assistance such as dollies or mechanical equipment.  
  • Drop off materials in privately owned vehicles (either park at the convention center for a fee and carry it in, or check in at the dock and pay drayage for GES to deliver it from the car to the booth, or hire cartload service for a 1-way trip) 

*Employees must be prepared to produce some type of company identification when engaged in these activities. 

Exhibitors must hire labor to do the following: 

Material Handling: 
The loading and unloading docks will be controlled by the general contractor, GES, and union labor will be used for this. 

Hanging Signs: 
All rigging and assembling of signs must be done by the general contractor. Exhibitors or their EACs may supervise only. Only employees of the general contractor are allowed to be on lifts. 

Review the show site work rules provided by GES for additional information.

When Can Exhibitors Set Up?

Review the exhibitor schedule to see a full list of move-in and move-out times. 

Clean Floor Policy: To combat lengthy wait times for produce deliveries during exhibit setup, and to ensure we can open the show on time, all exhibitors must abide by the clean floor policy: 

  • Booths 400 sq. ft. or larger must have completed major exhibit construction with empties tagged by 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 27. Thursday will primarily be for product merchandising. 
  • Booths 300 sq. ft. or smaller can continue to do exhibit setup as well as product merchandising through Thursday. 

Target Move-In Date: Each booth is assigned a target move-in date/time based on booth size and location. Find your booth on the color-coded target floor plan. The date and time assigned to you is designed to be the time when your shipments should be checked in at the marshaling yard. DO NOT schedule your booth set up for this time, since actual unloading at the dock may take several hours. We recommend scheduling installation labor to begin the day after your target assignment.  

If you need to change your target move in assignment, you have (2) options: 

  • Fill out the request for target variance form before October 8 or 
  • Ship your freight in advance to the warehouse (non-perishable materials only) - items shipped to the advance warehouse will be delivered to your booth BY the target date/time provided and labor can be scheduled accordingly. 

Exhibitors who have not begun setup by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 28 will be considered a "No-Show".  

Using Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any contractor NOT listed in our approved vendor list (appointed to provide services such as display installation, dismantling, audio visual firms, etc.) that will need access to your booth during set up/tear down hours to assist with your exhibit. For security reasons, all EAC representatives must be registered and pickup their own wrist band in order to access the show floor. 

Exhibitors and EACs must submit the following requirements by October 4, 2021:

  1. Exhibitors must submit this Exhibitor Form to authorize use of an EAC 
  2. EACs must submit the EAC Form and agree to all rules and regulations 
  3. Each EAC company must provide a certificate of insurance showing proof of general liability and workers' compensation insurance coverage in amounts as outlined during all setup, dismantle, and show days with PMA, the convention center, and Global Experience Specialists (GES) named as additional insured. Please note: If primary approved EAC elects to use another EAC as a subcontractor, this company must also complete the above requirements. 
  4. Each EAC employee must visit an EAC Desk, located in the lobby or dock area, and present the EAC's unique code (provided via email) to receive a move-in/move-out wrist band. Wrist bands must be picked up individually, not by company. 

EACs Should Send Insurance Certificates to: 
Fax: +1 (702) 446-6777
Mail: DTA Trade Show Services 6362 McLeod Drive, Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV 89120 

Questions: Contact DTA Trade Show Services at [email protected] or call +1 (702) 650-2298 

Floral Exhibitor Setup
  • All floral product must be shipped direct to the convention center and may not be shipped to the advance warehouse. 
  • Perishable product storage is available for floral product and delivery to your booth is included in the cost. 
  • Cleaning stations/floral prep areas, with running water, will be located along the back of the hall throughout the event 
  • Trash cans will be set up in the Floral Marketplace aisles. On Thursday, we'll have dedicated cleaning services in the Floral Marketplace to help get trash up as quickly as possible 
Hanging Signs Above Your Island Booth

Hanging signs are only allowed above island booths or inline booths along the perimeter of the building. All rigging must be done by GES. If your island booth is under a low ceiling (as marked on the floor plan), hanging signs are not permitted. 

  1. Review the booth display guidelines for height restrictions 
  2. Submit a rigging plan form and a hanging sign layout form to GES by October 4. 
  3. Union labor must be used to assemble hanging signs. Labor can be requested from GES. Company personnel are able to work with union personnel on a one-to-one basis. 
  4. Pack your signs separately so they are easy to find and can be assembled immediately upon arriving at your booth.  
  5. Use the hanging sign shipping label so GES can find signs easily.
Balloons in Your Booth
Helium-filled balloons are permitted (no approval form needed) as part of a display and must be securely fastened to the booth. Balloons may not be distributed within the facility. Exhibitor is responsible for all expenses incurred for removal of balloons that become entangled in the ceiling trusses. Compressed gas cylinders used to inflate balloons must be properly secured to prevent toppling and must be removed during all event hours. 
Large Displays in Your Booth

Extra care and advance planning is necessary for displays such as vehicles, machinery, shipping containers, or other large items being displayed in your booth. Special labor or equipment to unload and deliver to your booth may be required on-site, and must be scheduled in advance with GES. Exhibitors should submit the following additional forms (if applicable) to plan for these shipments: 

Call GES at +1 (800) 801-7648 or +1 (702) 515-5970 with any questions about moving large displays to your booth.  

Plan for Move Out

The return of empty crates on Saturday night can take 10+ hours. Here are some tips to help you avoid wait times and save money: 

  1.  Smaller inline booths – Take advantage of a GES move-out package for 10’x10′ and 10’x20′ booths. Schedule GES to handle both the labor to tear down your booth and to ship it out and receive guaranteed ST (standard time) labor rates and a discount on outbound shipping. This eliminates the need to wait for empty crates to be returned and could save you money on hotels, labor, etc. 
  2. Larger inline booths – Consider starting tear down labor on Sunday morning, when you know your empties are in your booth, instead of paying for labor to wait for them to be returned. 
  3. Island booths with hanging signs – Coordinate your rigging with GES to have signs lowered Saturday night or first thing Sunday morning, so your labor doesn’t have to stop dismantling the booth while the overhead sign is coming down. 
  4. If you do plan on moving out Saturday night, relax in the exhibitor lounge while you wait for your crates. The lounge will be open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Rivergate Room. 
  5. Monday could be an extremely busy day for carrier pickups. Do not wait for Monday to schedule your pick-up. It will not guarantee straight time rates. Wait times for pickup could be significant and end up occurring during overtime. Consider using GES logistics for your shipping to guarantee flat rates and avoid charges for lengthy wait times. 
  6. Schedule your UPS or FedEx pickup for Monday (they don’t pick up on Sunday). 
  7. Submit a pre-printed material handling form before the show and on-site you will receive pre-printed outbound shipping labels and your bill of lading. 
  8. Once everything is packed up and ready to go, remember to fill in your bill of lading with the number of pieces and sign the bottom. Then return it to the service desk. Once received, GES will dispatch your carrier to pick you your shipment. DO NOT leave it with your shipment or your carrier may be left waiting. 
  9. There is NO warehouse to return things to after the show this year. Make sure your carriers can pick up on-site or schedule with GES logistics to ship out. If you do not schedule outbound shipping GES will, which will result in increased costs and delayed receipt times.
  10. Remember to pack outbound shipping supplies including tape, wrap, boxes, etc. for use at the end of the show.