Approved Vendors

The Global Produce & Floral Show

OCT 17-19, 2024 ATLANTA, GA

The Service Kit will be available in the spring of 2024. The kit will include forms, links, details and deadlines for the approved vendors listed on this page. In the meantime, use this list as a resource for your planning and be aware of any scammers.

WARNING:  Unaffiliated companies have been known to target exhibitors, locking them into expensive, non-terminable contracts. Many will claim to work for IFPA, and it can be difficult to verify the legitimacy of offers. Before placing any orders, be sure to verify official vendors using the list below and review our blog post on scams. We do NOT sell our attendee list (exhibitors get free access to it), and we will not have a printed directory/guide this year.  

(Hanging Signs, Rigging, Carpet, Cleaning, Furniture, Booth Installation & Dismantle, Labor, Material Handling, Non-Perishable Shipping, Storage)

Global Experience Specialists (GES) 

Service Center:  +1 (800) 801-7648 
International Calls: +1 (702) 515-5970 
GES Chat  

Order online (coming soon)


+1 (831) 646-3756 

Dominic Giuriato  

Convention Center A/B Lobby



Sampling Information (coming soon)

Levy Catering Services 

+ 1 (404) 223-4300  


Order online (coming soon)
Learn more

EDLEN Utility Service

+1 (404) 223-8400  


Register your EAC (Coming Soon)

DTA Security Services, LLC 

+1 (702) 650-2298

Multi level booths, Heat producing devices View Fire Regulations (coming soon)

GWCC Event Services

Fire Marshall

Learn More


Atlanta Community Food Bank 

+1 (404) 892-3333 

Hotel & Travel Info


+1 (866) 774-0457 


(Advertising space, engagement with IFPA Audience, promote your company or booth)

Sample Issue

Media Kit (coming soon)


+1 (972) 402-7070 

Order Online (create an account)

CCLD IT Services 

+1 (404) 222-5500  


(customs brokerage/forwarding)

Request Quote (coming soon)


+1 (678) 695-6897


(Badge Scanners)

Order badge scanners (coming soon)


+1 (800) 490-9941
+1 (714) 630-2945 

Upload and Information  
View Example of COI (coming soon) 

Rainprotection Insurance

+1 (800) 528-7975

Learn more

Ten Acre Marketing 

+1 (701) 361-2766

Book hotel meeting space (coming soon) 
Book convention center meeting space (coming soon) 

International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 607-2132  
Valerie Mendoza 


Learn more (coming soon)


Learn more (coming soon)


Domestic Only

Learn more (coming soon)

Prosponsive Logistics  

+1 (800) 533-3922 

Order photography (coming soon)


Request Quote (coming soon)

Order Services (coming soon)

Coosemans Atlanta

Order Online (create account, coming soon)

Lowe Refrigeration

+1 (770) 461-9001 


Submit Authorization form (coming soon)  

Bartender and Alcohol from Levy Restaurants -  order form (coming soon) 

International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 781-5857 
Nancy Pickersgill 


Order Services (coming soon)

DTA Security Services, LLC.

+1 (702) 650-2298

Order Services (coming soon)

Buckalew Hospitality

+1 (407) 810-6596

Order Services (coming soon)

TCS Transportation

+1 (800) 285-0001


Kyle McMilan

Kyle McMillan

Director, Trade Shows

International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 607-2130
Nancy Pickersgill

Nancy Pickersgill

Trade Show Coordinator
International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 781-5857