Rules & Regulations

The Global Produce & Floral Show

OCT 20-21, 2023 ANAHEIM, CA.

Booth Display Guidelines

Before designing/constructing your booth space, review the booth display guidelines to understand the different types/sizes of booths and their specific height and display guidelines.  

The general service contractor, GES, offers pre-designed exhibits that fit these guidelines if your current booth will not fit. Please order these packages by September 25, 2023. 

Booth Requirements

  • Floor covering is not included with your booth, and it is required. You may provide your own or purchase carpet/flooring from GES.
  • All exhibit booths shall be constructed with non-combustible or limited-combustible materials. Wood booths must be 1/4 inch thick or greater.
  • Covered ceiling structures or enclosed rooms, including tents or canopies shall have one smoke detector placed on the ceiling for every 900 square feet.
  • Electrical appliances and cords must be U.L. approved. All temporary electrical wiring will stay accessible and be free from debris and storage materials. Hardback booths must be at least 9 inches from rear booth boundary line.
  • Gas appliances must be A.G.A. approved.

Multi-Level / Covered Booth Regulations

All exhibitors with a multi-level booth or a covered booth must review and abide by the Multi-Level/Covered Booth Conditions.

Multi-Level booths are required to submit booth diagrams that include a Stamp from a California Licensed Structural or Civil Engineer and provide the following on the Exhibitor Permit:

  1. The live load per square foot (provided by engineer) and square footage of the second floor (or any floors above floor level)
  2. The width of each staircase
  3. Any doors, walls or room separations or setups on the upper levels.

Additional information and conditions may be required for booths with 2 or more staircases. Please contact for more information. Booths that do not have approval from Anaheim Fire & Rescue shall not be occupied or have storage on the second floor.

*Please note: IFPA will cover the cost of fire watch for all exhibitors; however, you must still submit any forms and information for approval.

Fire Marshal Regulations 

All exhibitors must review the Fire Marshal Regulations for information about construction and cooking in your booth.

Liability Insurance 

  • Exhibitors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors are required to hold insurance in order to gain access to the show. 
  • If you do not already have insurance, it can be ordered through Rain Protection Insurance.
  • Insurance coverage must be no less than US$1 million comprehensive commercial general liability insurance per occurrence and US$2 million aggregate including a broad form endorsement and will waive subrogation against IFPA, the city of Anaheim, the Anaheim Convention Center, and their representatives.
  • IFPA, GES (Global Experience Specialists), and the Anaheim Convention Center must be named as additional insured. Aramark and the City of Anaheim must be included if you are sampling in your booth.
  • Insurance must be in force during the lease dates of the event: October 15-21, 2023. We recommend your insurance covers your exhibit materials during transit to and from the show site.
  • Upload your certificate of insurance by September 25, 2023 and keep a copy with you onsite in the event of an emergency.

Labor Jurisdictions

California is a "union jurisdiction" state. Unions claim jurisdiction over all set-up and dismantling of exhibits including signs and carpet installation.

If your exhibit preparation, installation, or dismantling requires more than one-half (1/2) hour, you must use union personnel supplied by the Official Service Contractor, GES. For booth set-up/dismantling, exhibitors may designate their own Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) by submitting a form - they must abide by union jurisdiction rules as well.

If you wish to set up your booth with your own company personnel and it requires more than one half (1/2) hour, you may provide your company personnel to work along with a union installer on a one-to-one basis.

The following is a guideline of the work your company's staff is permitted to do:

  • Unpacking and placement of your merchandise
  • Set up exhibit display IF one person can accomplish the task in less than one-half (1/2) hour without the use of tools
  • Plug in equipment (once the convention center’s electricians have delivered power to the booth)
  • Hand carry materials into the convention center without the use of any type of assistance such as dollies or mechanical equipment.
  • Drop off materials in privately owned vehicles (park in the convention center lots for a fee and carry it in (without the use of a dolly), check in at the dock and pay drayage for GES to deliver it from the car to the booth, or hire cartload service for a 1-way trip)

*Employees must be prepared to produce some type of company identification when engaged in these activities. 

Review the show site rules provided by GES for additional information.


Kyle McMilan

Kyle McMillan

Director, Trade Shows
International Fresh Produce Association

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Nancy Pickersgill

Nancy Pickersgill

Trade Show Coordinator
International Fresh Produce Association

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