When it comes to cultivating a healthier world, your support is gold. 

Are you an industry leader who raises the bar?

Do you want to visibly support an industry-advancing initiative?

Do you recognize the economic and global impact of providing safe produce from seed to fork?

The PMA Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety allows you to join an elite group of leaders who raise the bar in our industry by advocating to safe food to grow a healthier world.

The Gold Circle Campaign funds critical PMA programs and research that promote food safety, strengthen consumer confidence, and support increased demand for fresh produce worldwide. It works to provide the global supply chain with need-to-know news, education, and industry leadership. And your support makes it all possible!

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"Supporting PMA's Gold Circle is the single most important decision you can make as a PMA member. Food Safety for produce has the greatest impact on industry financial performance and the growth of produce consumption. Additionally, contributing assures your company is recognized as an industry food safety leader."                 
                                                         -Jim Byron, Xgenex, LLC

Your investment is more important than ever.

There is no more important issue for the fresh produce industry than the safety of its products—especially when an incident results in millions of dollars lost before even considering the health impact. Few things can make a more viable and drastic impact on the safety of worldwide produce than research, knowledge, education and training—and the entire supply chain is responsible. Because when everybody is invested, and understands what’s at stake, we are all working towards a common goal.

Show your commitment; support Gold Circle and help us ensure a safer produce industry and a healthier world.

As a Gold Circle campaign supporter, you position yourself as a food safety champion who takes the lead in protecting your business, our industry, and the global supply chain by preventing and responding efficiently to food safety issues.

But your support goes far beyond the industry alone! You will be supporting research that enhances food safety and creates a healthier world—where global citizens have access to safe and healthy produce. And you deserve to feel really good about that!

Is the Gold Circle Campaign for Food Safety for you?
Absolutely, if…

  • You don’t just want to be part of change—you prefer to be a leader, at the forefront of change.
  • You want colleagues and clients to understand your high-level commitment.
  • You want to gain more visibility at PMA events.
  • You value affiliations that reflect the stature and leadership of your business.
  • The health of the industry matters to you—as does the health of the global marketplace and its citizens.

Leverage the PR benefits that come with your Gold Circle support!
Your customers and prospects care about you investing in the future of global food safety. We make it easy to showcase and promote your investment with a handy toolkit.


Join Gold Circle

Profit from $3,500+ in Exclusive Benefits 

It’s worthwhile—and the industry needs you!
In addition to gaining credibility and recognition in front of customers and prospects, by becoming a Gold Circle supporter, you fiercely and directly support a safer food supply chain, along with innovative research, educational programs, and science-based solutions.

For an annual investment of $1,000 (just $19/week), you’ll reap benefits valued at $3,500+ in advertising and event discounts and distinguish yourself as a food safety champion. Take a look:

  • FREE Advertising to reach 20,000+ PMA attendees at events, including:
    • PMA Fresh Summit Convention & Expo ($2,000 value) – Reaching 20,000+ attendees
    • PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo ($1,000 value) – Reaching 1,800+ attendees
    • PMA Tech Knowledge ($500 value) – Reaching 125+ attendees
  • FREE Gold Circle Marketing Toolkit ($900 value) to position your company as a Gold Circle supporter and promote your investment in the future of food safety. Includes use-me-now resources such as logos, customer letter templates, news releases, and more.

Join Gold Circle

How does Gold Circle benefit the industry and the world?

By focusing on food safety initiatives, industry and consumer research, key partnerships with industry groups, government agencies, and educational events, the Gold Circle campaign strengthens global food safety and consumer confidence.

Here’s a snapshot of what the Gold Circle campaign does with your investment:

  • Crisis management: Offering technical and communication support for members should they be involved in an actual crisis.
  • Risk management: Providing member with resources to help meet national and international standards and marketing regulations – such as good agricultural practices, hazard analysis, program development, and training.
  • Research-backed resources: Enjoy a widespread of educational resources like: free webinars, 75+ industry training and presentations, and 50+ reports and articles—all offering practical insights and takeaways relevant to your business.
  • Science-based practices: In 2007, PMA was a founder of the Center for Produce Safety and has reinvested $5M+ member dollars since 2008 to help fund education and research in food safety and technology. Learn More
  • Collaboration: Representing industry views on food safety by working with government agencies to inform legislators and regulators, educate key policy influencers, and shape the regulations, such as submitting 100+ pages of regulatory comments to the FDA on the Food Safety Modernization Act. Learn More

Your support does good—and feels good!
As a Gold Circle supporter, you are genuinely helping to make a difference and fostering a safe, worldwide produce industry that will be sustainable not only today, but for the future.

Ready to directly support a healthier world as a food safety champion?

Join Gold Circle today. 

Thank you, sincerely, for your support!

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Note: Gold Circle support to PMA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. However, they may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.


When you join, you help fund critical research & education that strengthens food safety and consumer confidence in produce

—Jacquie Ediger, Pro Citrus Network

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