Watch this space for new ways to advocate for your future.

Thanks for your interest in PMA's Gold Circle. As you know, a new association for the global supply chain will launch Jan. 1. You'll be able to support industry-building advocacy, including food safety and a strong business environment.

Building on the great traditions of United Fresh Produce Association and PMA, this new organization will begin accepting memberships and contributions in mid-November.

Check back in mid-November to contribute to the success of our industry.

"Supporting PMA's Gold Circle is the single most important decision you can make as a PMA member. Food Safety for produce has the greatest impact on industry financial performance and the growth of produce consumption. Additionally, contributing assures your company is recognized as an industry food safety leader."                 
                                                         -Jim Byron, Xgenex, LLC


When you join, you help fund critical research & education that strengthens food safety and consumer confidence in produce

—Jacquie Ediger, Pro Citrus Network

Gold Circle Contact

Cynthia Neal

Cynthia Neal

Science & Technology Content Manager

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