Understanding and leveraging consumer perceptions and behaviors to drive your business decisions is the backbone to increasing sales. PMA helps you discover what influences consumer purchases and identify future trends.



Understanding your business environments - both industry and consumer drivers - is critical to your business. PMA helps you harness the power of this information.


Food Safety

Food safety is one of the most critical issues facing the produce industry today. PMA is committed to providing the tools you need to better safeguard your products, your consumers and your company.

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The rising consumption of meals and snacks at foodservice establishments worldwide reflects a growing demand among consumers and an opportunity for members. PMA is committed to helping you unlock this delivery channel for your product.

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Global Trade

The produce industry is a complex, global marketplace that is continually changing. PMA helps you navigate the landscape to reap the benefits of new markets while growing your existing partnerships.

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Issues Leadership

To keep members informed, we bring you the latest news surrounding issues we're working on that affect the global, fresh produce and floral industries most.

7 Pillars of Marketing Excellence


The 7 Pillars of Marketing Excellence is a strategic framework of marketing fundamentals and PMA resources you can use to create integrated marketing programs to build demand for produce and floral.



The global retail environment is changing quicker than ever before with new formats and electronic channels. PMA helps you leverage these changes to drive sales.


Supply Chain Management

Technology is always changing. The one constant is the need to keep up. The PMA Technology & Standards Department is the industry's leading source on technologies: Data Standardization, Data Synchronization, Barcodes, Pallet/Case/Item Marking, RFID, GTIN, E-Commerce, and Traceability.



Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions in which people and nature exist in productive harmony. PMA provides the information needed to understand social, economic and environmental opportunities through sustainable actions.

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Talent Management

Anticipating and the understanding the needs for and of human capital including recruiting, retaining, developing and rewarding is foundational to building a thriving business. PMA and its Foundation is dedicated to supporting talent management as part of your business strategy.

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Technology is evolving at ever faster rates, creating greater opportunities to increase market share and efficiencies. PMA is here to help you explore and take advantage of technologies on the horizon.