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Special Report: Building Blocks of Food Safety

Food safety is one of the chief concerns of all who work in the produce industry. Nearly all operators have a food safety program and those that do not will almost certainly have to develop one as it is expected that the FDA’s Produce Food Safety Rule will require written food safety programs from producers. With all of the food safety requirements coming from regulatory bodies, buyers, consumers, advocacy groups and others, it may be appropriate to call a time out to reconsider what the basic building blocks of a robust food safety program should be.

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CPS Research 2017 What it Means to You

Webinar: CPS Research 2017 What it Means to You

As in years past, the produce safety research community came together to share the latest results from CPS-funded programs and to discuss how the data can be used to build risk and science-based food safety programs for produce companies all along the supply chain. In this webinar we highlight key learnings from the CPS Symposium to create awareness and stimulate thought.

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Capital Building

FSMA Resource Center

PMA's food safety, science and technology team works on behalf of our members to inform legislators and regulators of critical industry issues, educate key policy influencers and shape regulations, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010. The team works with our members through the PMA Science and Technology Committee of industry volunteers to gather expert opinion and vet positions.

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Sanitation Webinar

Webinar: Sanitation, Your Best Crisis Management Tool

We all hear about recalls occurring in the food industry on an almost daily basis. But, how many of these recalls are caused by poor sanitation practices or sanitation practices that are not consistently performed on a daily basis? Are you confident that your sanitation program is working effectively to produce a safe product?

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LISTERIA resources

Listeria Resources

The Listeria resource page provides the produce industry with quick access to materials regarding Listeria monocytogenes in food facilitie to assist them in understanding and implementing effective preventive control strategies to reduce, control and/or eliminate the risk of Listeriosis.

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