EUs Food to Go Market

EU’s Food-to-Go Market - Opportunities for Global Suppliers

With limited growth in Europe’s grocery retail market, suppliers are turning their attention to the £16bn food-to-go market. The food-to-go/convenience space is growing as retailers and food-to-go operators are capitalizing on shoppers' changing behaviors and priorities. Over the next five years, growth will top 35 percent, according to market research firm IGD’s report.

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Ugly Produce

How Growers and Retailers Can Capitalize on ‘Ugly’ Produce

What happens to the produce that grew on an odd angle, on the ground, or bravely withstood storms? Nature may have given it a different look. On the other hand, maybe the produce was bruised during shipping. These fruits and vegetables are termed as “ugly” since they do not reach normal aesthetic standards. So, how can growers and retailers capitalize on this “ugly” produce?

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Farming with Technology

Today’s Hottest Ingredient: Technology

The consumer purchasing experience for fresh produce is changing rapidly. Technological advances are helping consumers in their pursuit of quality, sustainability and accessibility. As technological advances give consumers increased control over the food they shop for and consume, they are creating a more educated and powerful consumer for produce marketers to address. Produce marketers are well positioned to meet the consumer’s expectations and become their trusted partner and problem solver.

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Peru and USA

USDA Gain Report - Peru's Symbiotic Trade Relationship with the United States

The U.S. - Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) serves to generate a continuing symbiotic trade relationship between the United States and Peru that shows no signs of diminishing. Peru's aspiration to expand market access in Asia is expected to spur further demand for U.S. agricultural inputs. Peru maintained its perennial front-runner status in the region with an economic growth rate of 3.9% in 2016 and its growing middle class increasingly demands high-quality U.S. products.

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Consumer Demand

Consumer Demand Drives Growth in Retailer Meal Solutions

Most consumers live life in a blur and they desire products that help them save time and gain a sense of control. The need to recover a sense of control influences many buying decisions in the intensifying pursuit of quality, convenience, customization and well-being. Companies and brands across all sectors are creating new products and services that promise to return this sense of control.

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