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Joe Watson

“The increase in fresh produce trips is a very encouraging finding. Like no other department, produce can leverage Impact, Impulse and Incrementality to drive sales for the department but also the total store...”

Joe Watson, VP, Retail, Foodservice & Wholesale for IFPA

February 2024

What's New

Circana Market Expansion to MULO+
Circana has expanded the Multi-Outlet universe to include additional retailers that were previously not represented nor projected. This new geography, called MULO+, is used as of this February report for the monthly updates. The additional retailers represent e-Commerce, grocery, club, DTC delivery and other channels, fueling an average expansion of 15% across total CPG. All time period history and geographies have been updated to MULO+. More information is available at the end of this report.

A continued rollercoaster ride
Reversing course after three consecutive months of gains, the February consumer confidence index by the University of Michigan decreased to 76.9. Most index readings did remain substantially higher than those reported last fall as consumers remained somewhat optimistic about inflation continuing on a more favorable trajectory.

February counted several large sales events, providing additional touchpoints for retailers in departments around the store.

  • According to the early February Circana survey of primary shoppers, 56% of consumers expected they would watch the Super Bowl. Only 2% anticipated going to a bar or restaurant to watch the game. Among those watching the game at home, the anticipated retail spend averaged $36 on game-time snacks, beverages and food.
  • As of early February, the survey found that a similar number anticipated celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, with chocolate and candy being the most common purchase, followed by cooking a special meal at home.

State of Produce

February 2024 Price/Lb. $ Sales $ vs. YA Lbs. vs. YA
Fresh Fruits $1.89 | +2.52% $3.5B +4.0% +1.4%
Fresh Vegetables $2.05 | -0.6% $3.3B +0.7% +1.3%


Top Growth Commodities (NEW $)

Absolute $ gain vs. YA

Berries +$68.1M
Mandarins +$26.3M
Grapes +$25.0M
Avocados +$21.9M
Tomatoes +$17.5M
Onions +$15.9M
Peppers +$13.1M
Cucumbers +$11.5M
Carrots +$8.8M
Tangerines +$7.2M

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