Global Produce and Floral Show

General Service Contractor

The Global Produce & Floral Show

OCT 20-21, 2023 ANAHEIM, CA.

Place orders by September 25 to receive discounts! 

Global Experience Specialists (GES) is the general service contractor for the Global Produce & Floral Show and the exclusive provider of services listed below.

  • Loading and unloading material and equipment - The unloading and delivery of all display material and equipment from the convention center dock to the exhibitors' booths and loading out from the exhibitors' booth to trucks at the docks MUST be performed by the official service contractor (GES). This is known as material handling.
  • Operation of equipment - All mechanical and/or self-propelled equipment on the trade show floor must be under the control of GES. This includes forklifts, scooters, pallet jacks, genie lifts, and all other mechanical equipment.
  • Freight storage/transfer - Exhibitors cannot store empty crates or pallets in their exhibit booth. Empty crates (known as "empties") will be brought back to exhibitors after the close of the show. This may take several hours, relax while you wait in our exhibitor's lounge located on the show floor from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Hanging signs/rigging - All hanging signs or rigging is to be done by GES. All rigging plans with combined loads over 250 lbs. must be reviewed by GES.
  • Electricity - Any exhibit requiring electricity must be ordered through GES. Electricity is dropped from the ceiling of the convention center into your booth. Because California is a union jurisdiction state, exhibitors may only plug in equipment that is 120 volts. Union labor is required to plug in anything above 120 volts.



GES Ordering Information

Service Center: +1 (800) 475-2098

International Calls: +1 (702) 515-5970

Fax: +1 (702) 263-1520

Chat Online

Service Center hours:
Monday - Friday 6:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. PST.

GES also provides the following products/services: 

  • Booth furnishings - Carpet, custom booth packages, and furniture
  • Booth packages - 10'x10' and 20'x20' packages, move-out packages and other package pricing . Package pricing is available for exhibitors with 10 ft. x 10 ft. and 10 ft. x 20 ft. booths.
    • These packages include: 
      • Standard Carpet
      • (1) 6' skirted table
      • (2) Contemporary side chairs
      • (1) Wastebasket
      • Cleaning for duration of the show
      • 200 lbs. of material handling
      • Product delivery
      • Product storage
  • Flooring packages - Prices include shipping, delivery, rental, material handling, labor and removal
  • Plumbing - Plumbing, air, water, gas
  • Exhibit systems - Rental exhibits, delivery, and removal included
  • Lighting - Lamps, floor lamps (electrical separate)
  • Graphics and signage – upload your graphics and order online
  • Labor - Installation and dismantling booths
  • Cleaning – Sanitizer stations, vacuum, carpet shampoo, mop & wax, and porter service
  • International and domestic shipping - Non-perishable items only
  • Perishable storage and delivery- Refrigerated and frozen storage for perishables

Place orders by September 25 to receive discounted pricing!

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors 

An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any contractor NOT listed in the approved vendor list (appointed to provide services such as display installation, dismantling, audio visual firms, etc.) that will need access to your booth during setup/tear down hours to assist with your exhibit. If an EAC needs access to your booth during expo hours, you must provide them with an official badge (wristbands will not be accepted).

Review and submit the necessary Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) information, so they will be allowed on the show floor for setup and dismantle.


Kyle McMilan

Kyle McMillan

Director, Trade Shows
International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 607-2130
Nancy Pickersgill

Nancy Pickersgill

Trade Show Coordinator
International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 781-5857