Booth Material Shipping & Handling

The Global Produce & Floral Show

OCT 20-21, 2023 ANAHEIM, CA.

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Shipping Booth Material

  • Locate your booth on the target floor plan to determine when your carrier must be checked in at the marshalling yard.
  • Review the exhibitor schedule for specific dates and times for move-in and move-out.
    • Note the clean floor policy, it will affect the setup schedule for booths 400 sq. ft. and larger.
  • Determine when and where your booth materials will be sent. (Direct or Advance)
  • Ship via your own carrier or one of IFPA's preferred vendors. If bringing materials in a privately owned vehicle, you must check in with the GES supervisor at the dock.  

  • When shipping large displays, such as vehicles, machinery, containers or other large items that may require special labor or equipment to unload in your booth, please fill out the appropriate forms in advance. These items need advance planning and may need to arrive early in the week before the aisles are blocked by other freight. 

  • Label your booth materials SEPARATE from refrigerated and perishable products. All shipments must have a Bill of Lading or delivery slip showing the number of pieces, weight and type of freight. Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments. (rates listed below). 

    • Place the appropriate advance warehouse or direct to show site shipping labels directly on crates, boxes, etc. and then shrink wrap as needed 

    • Note there is a special label for hanging signs so those get prioritized.

  • Provide your on-site booth contact with all shipment tracking information, the driver’s cell phone number, and the GES marshalling yard information.  

On-site Material Handling

GES is responsible for the unloading of your freight from the docks, transporting it to your booth, storing and returning your empty crates and cartons, and reloading your shipment at the close of the show (also called Drayage). This service is not included in the cost of your booth space. Avoid unexpected costs at the show site by reviewing Material Handling details and pre-order this service. Shipping/Logistics costs are separate and are not included in Material Handling rates.

New for 2023: The material handling pricing structure has been simplified even more.

  • Billing is straightforward with no surprises, per pound.
  • The direct machinery rates are now per pound.

Type of Freight


Standard - 25 lbs. or more:

  • Shipped to Advance Warehouse within posted date range
  • Shipped Direct-to-Show within posted Move-in,
    move-out or on-target dates

$1.01 per pound

Non-Standard - 25 lbs. or more:

  • Shipped to Advance Warehouse outside posted date range
  • Shipped Direct-to-Show outside posted Move-in,
    move-out or off-target dates

$1.27 per pound

Flat Rate - less than 25 lbs. (Arrives anytime):

  • Shipped to the Advance Warehouse or Direct-to-Show

$25.25 Each (per shipment, per delivery)

Vehicle Placement - photo and description required
(cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks, trailers)

$401.25 Each

Direct Machinery - Off-target or special handling rates may apply.

$0.45 per pound

ST/ST: In on Straight Time/Out on Straight Time
ST/OT: In on Straight Time/Out on Overtime
OT/OT: In on Overtime/Out on Overtime

A cartload is eight (8) pieces or less, weighing less than
200 lbs. total. There is one cartload allowed per booth.

$110.75 per Cartload, OT
$90.00 per Cartload, ST

  • Exhibitors with 100-200 sq. ft. of space that rent a booth package  get the first 200 lbs. of freight at no charge
  • You may hand-carry your own materials into the exhibit hall, through the front doors providing you do not use material handling equipment. Two-wheel luggage carts are acceptable; handcarts, dollies, four-wheel carts, etc. are prohibited. See the show site work rules for more information. Please, do not leave your car unattended at any time, use convention parking.
  • Accessible storage (for non-perishable promo items, etc.) is available. Reserve your storage in advance to ensure it is available. Materials will not be accepted for storage unless exhibitor has an exact count of the units to be placed into storage. Accessible storage is not secured and items are stored at exhibitor's sole risk.

International Shipments

  1. Ship early: With security procedures causing delays it is imperative that you meet the published deadlines. We recommend you begin working with a shipping provider by August 1, 2023 to allow enough time for the customs process.  
  2. FEIN number: If you use a customs broker other than our international freight forwarder, you may be asked for the federal employer identification number (FEIN) for the "ultimate consignee". Your customs broker should be able to provide this number. If you have any issues, contact show management. 
  3. Labeling and packing: U.S. Customs requires that all goods be marked with their country of origin. Clearly label every piece with your company name, the name of the show, and your booth number. Large labels work best. Be sure that your packing materials are adequate for both transportation and the sensitivity of your goods. Use the labels provided to ensure delivery to the proper location. 
  4. Documentation: Prepare a commercial invoice in English with complete descriptions and model/serial numbers. Include a packing list with the dimensions, gross and net weights of each package shipped. 

Shipping Items Out After the Show 

  1. Determine return shipment needs in advance. Remember to pack outbound packing supplies including tape, wrap, boxes, etc. for use at the end of the show. 
  2. Submit a pre-printed outbound material handling request to GES before the show and on-site you will receive pre-printed shipping labels and a pre-printed bill of lading on-site. You can also fill out the outbound material handing request at the GES service desk on-site to receive your bill of lading. 

    What's a Bill of Lading? The bill of lading lets GES know how many pieces you are shipping out, where the shipment is going and to exactly which carrier GES is allowed to release your shipment. It also gives GES instructions on what to do with your shipment if your carrier does not arrive. If you do not turn it in, your shipment will be delayed or held at the warehouse.
  3. At the end of the show, your empty crates (also known as empties) will be returned to you before the next morning. We cannot guarantee what time you will receive your crates. We encourage you to relax in our Exhibitor Lounge on the show floor while you wait. 
  4. Label all outbound freight accordingly. Shipments without outbound labels will be returned to the GES warehouse at the exhibitor's expense. Shipping labels can be printed at the service desk. Double check that your shipping labels and your outbound material handling form addresses match exactly.
  5. When your freight is completely packed and ready to be shipped out, remember to fill in the bill of lading with the number of pieces and sign the bottom. Then turn in the bill of lading to the service desk. GES will then dispatch your carrier to pick up your freight. DO NOT leave your bill of lading with your shipment or your carrier may be left waiting.
  6. If your designated carrier fails to show up or refuses the shipment, the freight will be "re-consigned", which means that GES will choose a shipment method consistent with the exhibitor's requirements.  


Marshalling Yard Address

Marshalling Yard is established to ease congestion in the vicinity of the facility and to better utilize the available dock space at the convention center.

All show site deliveries (including personally owned vehicles) must check in at the marshalling yard before being directed to the docks. Please give the address below, along with a copy of the marshalling yard information, to your carrier.

Marshalling Yard Site Address
1898 S Douglass Rd
Truck Marshaling & Cartload Staging Lot
Anaheim, CA

Shipments should arrive on:
October 15-20 from 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM
October 21 from 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM

For the show close, the marshalling yard will be open :
October 21 from 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
October 22 from 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM
October 23 from 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM

If you have any questions concerning the delivery of your shipment to the marshalling yard, please contact our National Servicenter.



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