Blockchain: Unlocking the Full Potential of Data-Sharing in the Fresh Produce Industry

For the fresh produce industry, the concept of blockchain technology holds vast possibilities and benefits to improve efficiency and traceability.

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Future of Fresh Produce in Southern Africa Retail

In an environment where many households are food insecure and some face malnutrition, rural food hubs are a sustainable business model that can deliver affordable, nutritious food.

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A Futuristic Look at Trends in the Fresh Produce Industry

In the fresh produce sector, technology and retail innovations abound. From futuristic hi-tech grocery stores, the rise of e-commerce opportunities, culinary innovation centres and revolutionary robotics technology to vertical farming and plant-based food innovations like cauliflower pizza and vegetable steaks.

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Playing By the Rules: Understanding Fresh Produce Markets in China

Southern Africa is confronted with a host of opportunities to meet a growing consumption demand for fresh produce in China. A broader understanding of the markets in China is necessary to make informed decisions and ensure successful entry.

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Zambia: A New Gateway for Fresh Produce Trade Into Africa

The fresh produce industry in Zambia brims with opportunities for the development of modern fresh produce markets that can also stimulate cross-border trade-flow in the entire region. Investments into the new fresh fruit and vegetable markets in the country can act as a re-export hub for supply to Zambia’s neighbours.

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