Member Benefits

Make connections with the right people

  • Connect to a unique network of more than 53,000 member contacts from more than 2,900 member companies, which are based in 54 countries across six continents. These contacts span all sizes and types of businesses across the supply chain.
    • Develop customized lists of buyers and suppliers online through our member directory and upon request to PMA staff
    • Attend in-person events, where members always receive discounted pricing. Event registration lists make it even easier to connect.
    • Volunteer with peers to identify solutions and craft strategies to move our industry forward. Our Board of Directors and committees focus to keep our work and funds prioritized to meet member needs.

Through PMA's global connections, we increased revenues 10 times. Now, we expect 25% year-over-year growth.

Pablo Borquez, Founder and CEO, Campos Borquez (Mexico), member since 2005

Access the right information

  • We offer comprehensive resources to support, inform and enlighten, regardless of where you fall on the supply chain.
    • Make visits to pma.com and centerforgrowingtalent.org part of your routine to enjoy free access to statistics, trends and industry reports that will keep you competitive. This year, we're investing more than $200,000 in research on consumer perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that impact your business.
    • Get guidance on food safety, data standards and new technologies. Our Science & Technology team is your go-to resource to help you gain efficiencies, track and control inventory, save money and avoid crises. And should a crisis arise, we can help you manage.
    • Stay up-to-date with PMA Hand Picked, which features summaries of the week's most important industry headlines.
Kevin Donovan

When we faced a critical recall decision, PMA did some research and connected us to the exact people within the FDA to help us. In a matter of hours, we had the answers we needed to maintain consumer confidence and buyer trust. PMA's connections saved the day.

Kevin Donovan, National Sales Manager, Phillips Mushroom Farms (USA), member since 1980

Benefit from critical tools and insights

  • People are what make our industry great. Attract, develop and retain the best talent for your business through the Center for Growing Talent by PMA's training and professional development programs for employees at every stage of their careers.
  • Create, streamline and improve business processes across the fresh produce and floral supply chain by using our guidelines on product identification, data standards, PLU codes, UPCs, labeling, traceability and transportation.
  • Increase sales by taking advantage of unprecedented, royalty-free access to Sesame Street characters on your packaging, regardless of your company's size.

Membership is company-wide, so all of your company’s employees have access to member benefits throughout the year, including discounts at events.

PMA is committed to growing your organization, your networks, your people and your vision of our industry's future. To learn more about the 365-day value PMA offers its members, view the PMA Membership guide.

Jim Leimkuhler

There's no question about it. Center for Growing Talent by PMA is vitally important to both the future of my company and our industry. Our employees who participate in their programs and events always grow from the experience. Year after year, these offerings directly impact our success.

Jim Leimkuhler, President/Owner, Progressive Produce Corporation (USA), member since 1990, contributor since 2006


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