Fresh Takes on Tech Podcast

Every day, technology transforms the way our food is grown, harvested, packaged, delivered, and consumed. But it can be hard to navigate this emerging new world. The IFPA Takes On Tech podcast provides a look at how technology and innovation are supporting the fresh produce and floral industries.

Hosted by Vonnie Estes, vice president of technology at the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA), this podcast examines how technology supports the professionals and businesses in the fresh produce chain that are shaping the future of the produce industry to bring the Joy of Fresh™ to consumers worldwide.

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Just Dropped!

Live Recordings from the 2024 Global Produce & Floral Show 


Harvesting Innovation

Inside the Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator Program


Illuminating AgTech Innovations in Fresh Produce


Navigating Traceability and Innovation in the Produce Industry


AgTech Revolution

Pioneering Innovations in Produce Industry Tech


2023 Sustainability Season Episodes

Compostable Concerns

The Future of PLU Stickers in a Sustainable Produce Industry

Sustainable Packaging

Balancing Quality, Safety and the Environment with Adam Hollowell

Charting the Future of Sustainable Packaging

IFPA Expert Insight

Life Cycle Assessments in Packaging Sustainability

With Wyatt Maysey

Compostable Revolution

Sustainable Solutions to Plastic Waste
with John Paap

Redefining Sustainability, Flavor and Impact in Food

With Simply Good Jars

2023 Climate-Smart Season Episodes

Nurturing Growth

Supporting Farmers in Climate-Smart Solutions featuring FMC

Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

Climate-Smart Initiatives for the Future

Bayer's Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture and Climate-Smart Solutions

Revolutionizing Agriculture

Award-Winning Regenerative Practices w/Braga Fresh & Agrology

Regenerative Organic

A Path to a Healthier Planet
with Paul Lightfoot

Driscoll's Global Commitments & Climate-Smart Strategies

With Marta Baptista

The Path to Climate-Smart Agriculture

With Renée Vassilos

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