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In 2023, Increasing Costs Continue to be Front and Center

We have gathered perspectives
from our global members across the supply chain.

IFPA polled its members to determine their strategies and tactics for managing increasing costs as they continue to be front and center for the produce and floral industries! Costs of water, labor, fertilizer, and other inputs rose in 2022, while a strong U.S. dollar and weakening global economy were a drag on the U.S.’s ability to sell products abroad. IFPA uncovered its members are leaning on efficiencies and leveraging relationships are foundational.

Four "cartoon" type images of people representing the supply chain from farmer to trucker to scientist to consumer.

#1 Leaning on efficiencies: Bringing services in-house, Reducing waste

#2 Cutting employee perks: Reducing travel, reducing corporate vehicles

#3 Controlling supply costs: Tightening inventory, Reducing orders

#4 Planning logistics: Consolidating shipments, Increasing product visibility

#5 Innovating products: Shifting sizes, moving to different products

#6 Negotiating tactics: Leveraging relationships, Taking advantage of deals

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IFPA's purpose is to provide industry support for these issues and many more that we all deeply care about.

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