Consumer Trends

5 Forces Affecting Produce and Floral

Consumers survived a pandemic and economic downturn and are ready for a vibrant future!

The combination of consumer and market data is powerful as we try to maneuver in the current marketplace.

IFPA is your guide to consumer and industry insights.



The industry and consumer trends
at the foundation of 2023's business environment

The Economy

  • Number 1 factor
  • Inflation is here to stay in 2023
  • Consumers more deliberate about spending

Back to Normal

  • Consumers want to normalize activities
  • Eating at home remains high
  • Foodservice rebounds

Workforce Participation

  • Labor remains tight
  • Employees seek balance
  • Automation is explored

Rise of Gen Z

  • An economic force
  • Live in a digital world
  • Understand the metaverse & Web 3.0

Regenerative Ag

  • Sustainability cost of doing business
  • Birth of Regenivore
  • Concerns grow over carbon


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