Top Growth Opportunities That Resonate With Consumers

IFPA partnered with Kantar to understand the power behind consumer motivations associated with the 6 growth opportunities identified for the supermarket floral industry by industry experts and marketers from around the world.

turquoise peony flower isolated on a white background

Blossoming Everywhere

Tapping new channels and partnerships, and making sure that flowers are always within reach of the shopper.

Dahlia flower with sun light,isolated on white

Flower Power

Using flowers as a natural way to combat anxiety and boost mood, helping people feel and perform their best.

Purple flower on isolated white background

Flowers for All

Reaching out to untapped consumer groups, and bringing the beauty of flowers to a more diverse set of consumers

Red isolated flower on white background

Sustainable Stems

Providing compelling evidence of industry-wide commitment to sustainability through engaging storytelling and clear impact labeling

Isolated succulent on white background

Augmented Arrangements

Leveraging digital tools to equip consumers with greater knowledge and insight at every stage in their journey

Yellow isoloated flower on white background

Experience Ambassadors

Reimagining the role of the employee and creating a long-term career path that rewards ambition and artistry

While macro trends support all 6 floral growth opportunities, the following statements performed well with consumers in quantitative research giving you reason to believe in these opportunities:


“Finding the floral that fits my personality and style or personality and style of the person I am giving it to.”

Consumers relate to unique flowers and designs that reflect their individuality. This shows the importance of product mix in the floral department and the introduction of new varietals to keep the floral department interesting, relevant, and modern.


“Using the floral product to show others I care about them.”

Floral is a great gift for anyone! Supermarkets should ensure they stock floral products that can be grabbed as an easy gift – for men and women. Consumers agree floral products are the perfect gift for all occasions. Giving floral as a gift also has a positive halo affect on the gift bearer’ mental wellbeing.


“Using the floral product to brighten my mood or the moods of others and combat stress.”

Research proves that flowers bring joy and better mental well being. Flowers are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and should be purchased along with healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Promoting floral products as an important part mental well-being and healthy lifestyle increases everyday purchases of floral products.


“Being able to conveniently find the floral product where I normally shop and spend time.”

It is important for consumers to easily find floral products in the brick and mortal store as well as in the online store. Flowers should be available at online check out as well as in a prominent place in the supermarket but there are many non-traditional places where floral products can be available such as floral crowns at concerts, on college campuses, and in medical facilities.

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