Preparing for a Food Safety Audit

The food safety audit is an essential business activity as it evaluates and verifies that a food establishment, such as a packing facility, operates in a manner that ensures the safety, quality, and integrity of the food products they produce, handle, or sell. Such audits are typically conducted by external auditors, or regulatory agencies. By promoting adherence to food safety standards and best practice, audits contribute to protecting public health and ensuring consumer trust in our food supply.

Preparing for a food safety audit is crucial for efficiently getting through the process, whilst confirming your establishment complies with food safety standards and regulations, and ensuring your produce can enter the marketplace.

This webinar recording outlines the key steps and approaches to prepare for a successful audit. Including familiarising yourself with the relevant Standards and regulations, getting documentation in order, and conducting internal audits. Highlighting the importance of constantly reviewing all your food safety program documentation, operational procedures, monitoring data, and facilities to ensure audit readiness.

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