Standards for Fresh Produce in Australia and New Zealand

In this webinar recording, Deon Mahoney (Head of Food Safety IFPA ANZ) hosts a briefing session to provide an overview of the proposal to regulate horticulture products.

In 2018, the Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation requested FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) assess food safety risk management for selected horticulture sectors.

FSANZ developed a proposal (P1052) to address the issue in early 2020 and released an initial call for submissions. Subsequently they completed a comprehensive risk assessment, identified risk management options, and published a regulation impact statement.

In this webinar recording, Deon provides a plain English overview of what it all means, and the proposed regulatory and non-regulatory measures.

This recording includes a discussion of the options, and the information gathered during the session is helping to inform the IFPA Australia New Zealand to FSANZ.

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