The impatient consumer: What’s driving shopper decisions at retail?

Summer vibes are here, pandemic restrictions are waning, and consumers want to get back to their perceived normal.

According to Datassentials, consumers are looking forward to moving away from pandemic restrictions. Risk perceptions are decreasing for foodservice venues and 19% of consumers are now not concerned with contracting COVID. Yet there are still challenges on the horizon – there are ingredient shortages, supply chain challenges, changing guidelines for outdoor dining, virus variants, and inflation.

A study by Acosta found that 54% of consumers are dining out less often due to inflation but about one-third are choosing to trade down rather than give-up dining out. Meal price is growing in importance, particularly among fast casual diners. Consumer priorities are evolving, but interest in dining out remains strong.

While we know that fruits and vegetables are important in foodservice, a study from Datassentisl revealed that consumers perceive those fruits and vegetables make up 20% of what they eat at foodservice.

IFPA uncovered that foodservice is how almost 30% of consumers trial an unexplored fruit or vegetable, yet many in the produce industry acknowledge introduction of fruits and veggies through foodservice is difficult.

According to consumers, here are some opportunities for foodservice operators:

  • Make fruits & veggies look & sound great on the menu
  • Be more creative with fruits & veggies
  • Include more fruits and vegetables as ingredients

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