Foodservice 2030

Consumer shifts, labor and tech concerns, and sustainability

3 Main Drivers in 2030

of food sales will be at foodservice in 2023


Gen Z is 27% of population

  • Peak age for foodservice usage
  • 51% non-Caucasian
  • Used foodservice as a child
  • High expectations

1.5M job openings in 2030

  • Regulation increases labor costs
  • Automation to reduce some tasks
  • Off premise gets tech investments

Health is mainstream:

53% of consumers plan on eating healthy foods over next 5 years

Searching for:

  • Specific Nutritarians
  • Functional Claims

Top sustainability concerns:

  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Reduce carbon footprints
  • Sustainable sourcing

55% of foodservice operators were affected by extreme weather events in 2022

The US foodservice industry is in a mature state; however, there are niches, segments, and partnerships that offer growth opportunities. In this market it is critical to prioritize and target opportunities to differentiate yourself. This begins with understanding industry dynamics. These highlights from the Technomic 2023 Planning Program will provide you the knowledge you need to begin planning for the future.

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