Foodservice in Supermarkets

Technomic asked consumers in 25 countries how often and where they purchase prepared meals


65% of consumers worldwide report that they purchase ready-to-eat or -heat meals from the prepared meals areas in supermarkets at least once per month.

Percent of consumers who visit supermarkets for prepared meals

Latin America

Circle diagram showing 85% full.


Circle diagram showing 86% full.


Circle diagram showing 86% full.

Middle East

Circle diagram showing 86% full.


Circle diagram showing 92% full.

South Africa

Circle diagram showing 94% full.


Circle diagram showing 71% full.

Foodservice in supermarkets is increasingly popular option for individuals seeking convenient and fresh dining experiences. With the return of busy lifestyles and changing consumer preferences, supermarkets are responding by expanding their foodservice offerings to cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

One crucial aspect of foodservice in supermarkets is customer satisfaction.

75% of consumers expressed satisfaction with the foodservice options offered in supermarkets according to IFPA proprietary research.

This highlights a significant portion of customers appreciates the convenience and quality of food available within these establishments.

IFPA data reveals 64% of consumers utilize foodservice in supermarkets a few times a month or more.

This suggests a notable portion of the population engages with supermarket foodservice regularly.

IFPA’s research uncovered only 17% of consumers believe that fresh produce is not represented well in supermarket foodservice.

This perception highlights the successful efforts made by grocery stores to prioritize and showcase high-quality fruits and vegetables. As consumers become increasingly health-conscious and seek out fresh, nutritious options, supermarkets have recognized the importance of emphasizing fresh produce in their foodservice offerings. By expanding beyond traditional deli counters and salad bars, supermarkets can attract a wider range of customers, including those looking for more specialized cuisines or dietary options.

Two-thirds of shoppers want more prepared options that are healthful as well as more heat-and-eat vegetables, side dishes, and globally inspired choices, according to FMI.

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