2023 Produce & Floral Marketing Benchmarks

International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) provides marketing benchmarks so marketers can compare their spend with competition to identify opportunities to drive stronger results.

In the produce and floral industries the use of advertising and social media channels is the most prevalent but high dollars are allocated to consumer events and promotions as these are perceived to have a great return.

Use of Marketing Channels

Percent of respondents who reported using these channels.

Social Media


Circle graph for 88%

Consumer Events

Circle graph for 56%

Consumer Promotions

Circle graph for 52%


Circle graph for 40%.

Use of Trade Supports

Percent of respondents who reported using these trade supports.

Trade Shows

Circle graph for 68%

Store Demos

Circle graph for 30%

Store Signage

Circle graph for 30%

Retail Media

Circle graph for 24%

Temporary Price Reductions

Circle graph for 17%

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