U.S. Asparagus Market Report: 2021-2022

International Fresh Produce Association is committed to providing members with relevant market data and insights to guide their business considerations and decisions. Working with Ag Tools, which collected and analyzed commodity data, we offer the following comprehensive asparagus report for the US market – product produced in and/or imported into the United States. 

 The US asparagus market has been volatile in recent years. It is a market of more than 610 million pounds of product with most of the volume coming from Mexico and Peru. Those imports grew significantly in 2021 and contracted slightly in 2022. Read IFPA’s analysis of the 2021-2022 asparagus market to understand: 

  • Import volumes overall, by region, and by point of entry 
  • Import prices 
  • Terminal market (Los Angeles) data 
  • Implications for the future 

Asparagus presents an interesting market, as it is a product of great value, well-accepted by both younger and older consumers, so the possibility of future growth cannot be ruled out. 

- Joe Watson, Vice President Of Retail, Foodservice, Wholesale 

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