Consumer Research on the Importance of Labels and Signs at Point of Sale

As consumers continue to prioritize health and sustainability, IFPA continues to explore these topics with consumers so we can better guide members. IFPA performed consumer research in July 2023 to dive into how consumers are gathering nutritional and sustainability information.

First, let’s acknowledge that the most sought-after information when purchasing groceries is the sell by; use by; best if used by data on the label.

Percent of consumers using: use/sell/best by data

United States


United Kingdom








Reading use/sell/best by data is also prevalent when consumers purchase frozen fruits and vegetable as well as packaged goods.

Many consumers are thinking about nutrition and sustainability when shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  Think About Nutrition Think About Sustainability
U.S. 74% 61%
UK 74% 55%
Germany 86% 62%
Vietnam 88% 85%
Brazil 92% 75%

Most of us know that packaging labels and signs at retail are important, but now we know there is a core set of consumers that read labels and signs whether it is for nutritional information or sustainability information. We call these consumers super-curious.

  Reads labels for nutritional &
sustainability information
Reads signs for nutritional &
sustainability information
U.S. 41% 33%
UK 25% 22%
Germany 25% 24%
Vietnam 68% 59%
Brazil 56% 52%

Curiosity does not stop in the store; consumers also research nutrition and corporate sustainability values online.

  Research online to better
understand nutritional values
Research online to better
understand sustainable values
U.S. 43% 45%
UK 27% 26%
Germany 35% 28%
Vietnam 75% 77%
Brazil 61% 55%

It is important to continue to promote the nutritional value and corporate sustainability values on labels, on retail signage, and online. Once consumers start to think and trust that fresh fruits/vegetables are nutritious and sustainable, they are more apt to seek out information and further educate themselves.

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