The U.S. Grape Market Has Seen Slight But Steady Growth Over the Last Three Years

International Fresh Produce Association is committed to providing members with relevant market data and insights to guide their business considerations and decisions. This paper discusses the grape market in the United States from August 1, 2021, to July 31, 2022. The data was collected and analyzed by Ag Tools.

“The fruit and vegetable market has been evolving and grapes are no
exception. The growth of new varieties and exclusivity have driven
overall category growth from the buy side and consumers alike. It’s
important to understand this critical category.”
– Joe Watson, IFPA Vice President Of Retail, Foodservice, Wholesale Membership

To understand US grape consumption, it’s important to know the US market received product from 10 regions during the 12 months studied. However, 97% of the volume came from only four regions.

Those four complementary regions include:

1. Central California is the main region, producing for six months, with a market share of more than 45%.
2. Chile ranks second, producing for six months, with a market share of 23%.
3. Peru ranks third, marketing during the transition between the California and Chile production seasons, with a market share of 18%. Although it has a long production season, export volume is concentrated between November and April.
4. The fourth major contributor is Mexico, exporting to the United States during the transition between

Chile and California. Top volume moves from May to July, with a market share of 11%.
The other six regions, as an aggregate, contribute only 2.3% of the annual US grape market.

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