Supply Chain Management

2023 Cross Industry Compensation Report

Driver & Warehouse Positions

In today's tight labor market, develop competitive compensation packages with strategies to attract and retain truck drivers and warehouse employees. IFPA's 2023 Cross-Industry Compensation Report provides thorough current compensation and benefits information for wholesalers and distributors. Download the report for the full analysis of common positions with job descriptions, each with a breakdown of data on company size, location, number of employees, average hours, hourly wages and annual gross pay.


Report labor costs are impacting their business

Attract Tactics

  • Internet Job Boards

  • Referrals

  • Organization Website

  • Social Media

  • Internal Transfers / Promotions

Retain Tactics

  • Incentive compensation
  • Above market salaries
  • Added vacation days
  • Added medical benefits
  • Profit sharing

Profile of Companies within report

Regional & National Firms

Under $100 Million in Volume

Private Firms


Top 10 Concerns for Employers

Finding Qualified Employees

Retaining Employees


Increased Labor Costs

Employee Performance

Increased Operating Costs

Costs of Healthcare

Employee Morale

Maintaining Profit Levels

Economic Uncertainty

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