Food Waste Webinar

Sustainability is a key component to accomplish our collective goal of growing a healthier world. This webinar on Maximizing Yields through Postharvest Measurement is in support of IFPA’s efforts in the area of sustainability, where we are focused on inspiring industry members to implement practices that benefit the planet and the people on it, profitably.

We cannot continue to grow healthy fruits, vegetables and floral without addressing food loss and food waste. Too often the voice of the growers is not included in these food loss and waste discussions. This webinar provides perspectives from growers on how the World Wildlife Fund’s recently published business case study has helped measure the amount of unsold produce - particularly what remains unharvested, and help buyers understand where growers need support.

Speakers outlined a newly developed food loss metric tool to collect on-farm data — the small amount of time it took to do so, and value they gained. This tool is a part of the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) sustainability metrics and will soon be powered by CropTrak.

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