Is Renewable Energy the Right Solution for Your Company?

A PMA Webinar: January, 2018

Learn how to evaluate the opportunities for renewable energy use in your company. Gain insights from Limoneira, the largest U.S. lemon supplier, on how they evaluated and subsequently implemented a partnership with Tesla to create a solar energy solution. This partnership has resulted in Limoneira being 50 percent off the power grid and on a trajectory to be completely energy independent within five years.

Explore the considerations, general costs and benefits of various clean energy solutions from solar, wind and battery storage solutions to thermal storage and biomass solutions.

Discover the answers to:

  • What is economically and technically viable?
  • What are different ways to deploy solutions?
  • What are the big picture incentives and financial benefits?
  • How can you employ financing alternatives?
  • How should we think about economic and operational impact?


John Chamberlain


Aaron Enz

Alta Energy

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