Sustainable Packaging Solutions

A Showcase Webinar

During the showcase webinar, IFPA's VP of Sustainability & Supply Chain Efficiencies Ed Treacy highlighted the challenge faced by the produce industry on sustainable packaging and labeling. He outlines how consumer demand and government regulations are leading to actions being taken by many retailers, foodservice operators and other buyers to have their suppliers to review their packaging choices.

Packaging plays a role in food safety, shelf-life extension, marketing, convenience and efficiency at point of sale. With the desire to be more sustainable, we must also evaluate all factors and effects when deciding on a packaging or regulation, which makes packaging not an easy issue to address in our industry.

We do acknowledge that, collectively, we can all do more to make our packaging more sustainable, but there is no one ideal solution.

The recorded webinar features 5 companies that understand this challenge, have invested in research and development to create and offer sustainable packaging solutions for the produce industry and will enhance global sustainability.

Download the slides from the webinar, and view speaker contact information.

Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

Consumers, as well as foodservice and retail buyers, are showing a preference for a reduction of single-use plastics. Now is the time to review and update your packaging.

Ed Treacy, IFPA Vice President, Sustainability & Supply Chain Efficiencies, hosted a lightning learning, fast-paced webinar featuring nine companies that market sustainable packaging alternatives to single-use plastic packaging.

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