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Future of Floral

The growth and expansion of the floral industry shows no signs of slowing as new markets continue to open and new customers emerge. Significant changes in sales venues, customer preferences and market tactics parallel seismic shifts in how floral products are sourced, harvested and transported. In addition, technology plays a part in the industry's growth as it's used in planting, monitoring and paying for the crop.

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Research - Trends in Supermarket Floral

PMA and FMI joined efforts to bring you floral benchmarking information to help grow your business. This research provides a comprehensive snapshot of the US mass market floral retail business. It is reflective of today’s industry and relevant to the entire mass market floral supply chain, from grower to retailers.

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Changing your Floral Sales Strategy

Changing Your Floral Sales Strategy

Looking to grow your mass-market floral sales? Maybe the time has come to try something new and change course to rejuvenate the floral department's strategy. Small changes can increase customer interest, department traffic and sales. Learn crucial components to target, engage and keep customers.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the EU

Consumer Trends Driving Floral Sales in the EU

The total consumption of houseplants and flowers in Europe increased in 2015 by 0.5 percent to €32.4 billion, according to Floral Daily. European consumption of houseplants and flowers in 2014 grew around 4 percent. Although the growth was not as strong in 2015, the trend clearly continued, especially in the Netherlands and the UK. The proportion of the disposable income that the consumer spends on houseplants and flowers rose again in 2015 for the Netherlands and the UK.

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2017 Color Trends in Floral

2017 Color Trends in Floral

According to Floral Management’s January 2017 edition, The International Floral Distributor’s (IFD) Trend Forecaster Michael Skaff, is noting a shift in color preferences for consumers. Consumers are moving from bright pure tones to more muted shades. He credits the shift to...

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