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Better benefits, higher compensation, and recognition programs are the top strategies produce and floral employers use to compete for talent. This study documents emerging industry trends and developments in human resource management.

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Leadership Development, Retention Among Benefits of Mentoring

Leadership Development, Retention Among Benefits of Mentoring

All employees need help from time to time, especially in the beginning of their careers. Unfortunately, mentoring tends to get pushed to the side when work pressures mount. Overlooking this tried and true corporate strategy can be a mistake though, especially for organizations wanting to streamline operations and boost growth. That might explain why over 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently offer mentoring programs — the benefits are too big to ignore.

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Benefits of Charitable Giving on Company Culture

Benefits of Charitable Giving on Company Culture

Charitable giving can be rewarding for companies in many ways. The feel-good factor and the helpful tax deduction are the most obvious benefits, but there are also the public relations boost, positive social media exposure, and strengthening of the company's brand. Consumers and employees, especially millennials, want to support businesses that drive real change in the global community, and there's no better way for a company to prove it’s more than just another financially motivated corporation than through charitable giving.

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Training Employees

Training High-Potential Employees for Senior-Level Jobs

Baby Boomers are retiring at a faster rate than they can be adequately replaced, which is why identifying and training high-potentials should be a top priority for produce and floral companies around the world. Identifying leadership potential early and cultivating that talent through every stage of the company’s pipeline is the best way to ensure effective leadership down the road.

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Business Acumen Webinar

Webinar: Business Acumen Strategies

Face it, these are challenging times. This is a highly competitive and constantly shifting economy, and as a leader today you need a strong sense of business acumen to compete and to grow. Your ability to see the big picture, understand external trends and integrate those into the execution of your business strategy is your most effective path to success.

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