Tips From the best of show Judges

Staff Can Make or Break Your Exhibit

Standout exhibits included staffers who were energetic and engaging. When your staff is excited about your products, attendees will be too. 

  • Energetic staff who
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    appear “show ready”. What’s show ready you ask? Staff that are ready and present to work the event. From the moment the doors open staff that stand out are those that are happy to be there, a big smile on their face and standing at or near the aisle ready to make eye contact and greet visitors.
  • Employees who avoid chairs unless meeting with a customer is key. And, of course, being aware of non-verbals that can be off putting to a visitor-like texting, eating in an exhibit, backs to the aisle and chatting with one another.
  • We love matching “uniform” type clothing that gives a polished look. Those that incorporate colors or themes that match their marketing campaigns make for a great integrated branded look. We saw something fun and unusual this year with one exhibitor’s staff that all wore brightly colored shoes that definitely made them stand out from the rest-great job everyone who embodied these behaviors!

Stand Out in the Crowd

The show floor gets very crowded, so it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Take advantage of these tips to make sure attendees are drawn into your space:

  • Open Booth Space – Remember that keeping your booth as open as possible really makes your exhibit stand out and shine. We realize what a challenge this can be with some exhibitors who have a look of product in their exhibit or who are preparing and serving food. However, we have seen it done really well by some, so look around and see what creative ideas you can come up with. Placing tables and products along the sides and back makes this a much more appealing exhibit and creates a space in front for your staff to stand and interact with visitors vs. forcing all your traffic to the aisle and creating an unwelcoming barrier between you and your customers.
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  • Lighting –Lighting your display is something we mention all the time; particularly with these 10x10 spaces. There are not a lot of back lit graphics and displays like we tend to see at the larger PMA show in October. Therefore, it is even more important that you place lights at least on top of your exhibit, highlighting your company name, making it easier for existing customers to find you and gaining attention of new prospective customers. If you are able to light your back wall, messaging, or products on display as well that’s even better. We saw several that did a great job of this.
  • Flooring Options –We continue to see exhibits getting very creative with flooring options. Think about using a piece of carpeting or other unique flooring material as an important finishing touch.  Standout exhibits used this approach as a way to make the whole space feel more like a separate and unique environment that coordinated with their overall look and fell.

Message Hierarchy

Communicating who you are and what you do through your graphics and messaging is so important. The absence of any messages at all leave a visitor walking by to wonder, “Who are they?” “What do they do?” Your visitors should be able to tell in 3 seconds or less who you are and what you have to offer. Those that add a question or tagline that again represents your company’s mission or vision are effective ways to stop traffic and begin a conversation. Remember, it’s important for your company name to be prominently displayed towards the top or your back wall so it’s easy to find and see, particularly with the sea of inline exhibits at this event; standing out is paramount!

Best of Show Finalists

  1. Avocados From Mexico
  2. Famous Software, LLC
  3. The Salad Farm
  4. Taylor Farms
  5. Simplot
  6. Good Farms
  7. Love Beets
  8. Fresh Origins
  9. Fresh Solutions Network
  10. Owyhee Produce