Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Produce & Floral Show

OCT 20-21, 2023 ANAHEIM, CA.

How do I order items for my booth?

All order forms are available on the list of approved vendors. IFPA cannot guarantee service if you use other vendors. Be sure to place your orders by September 25 in order to take advantage of discounted prices.

What deadlines do I need to be aware of?

Save the exhibitor checklist to your desktop, so you have all of the key deadlines in one place. You can also add these deadlines to your calendar. 

Am I allowed to set up my own booth?

You may set up your exhibit display is one person can accomplish the task in less than one-half (1/2) hour without the use of tools. If your exhibit preparation, installation, or dismantling requires more than one-half (1/2) hour, you must use union personnel supplied by the Official Service Contractor.

Only full-time employees of your company are allowed to set up your booth. They must have identification and proof of full-time employment available on the show floor. Otherwise, you can hire an exhibitor appointed contractor or work with Global Experience Specialists (GES) to hire labor to install your booth. For more information review the show site labor jurisdictions.

Who does what at the show?

  • Electricity, plumbing, air, gas, water, cable, hanging signs/rigging, lighting, furniture, booth displays, labor, refrigerated storage, carpet, cleaning, material handling, and shipping are provided by the general service contractor, GES.
  • Internet, phone and networking are provided by Smart City.
  • Booth catering is provided by Aramark.
  • Review the approved vendors for a full list of vendors and order forms.

Can I serve samples in my booth?

Yes, food and beverage sampling is encouraged. Samples are limited to 1 oz. of food and 2 oz. of non-alcoholic beverage. On average, exhibitors hand out 700-1,200 samples per day (samples vary based on location and size of booth space).

Food and/or beverage items used as traffic promoters (e.g. coffee, sodas, bottled waters) must be purchased from Aramark Catering. You must have IFPA, Aramark, the Anaheim Convention Center and the City of Anaheim listed as additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance if you are doing any sampling.

Review product sampling and catering for more information.

Can the convention center caterer help me prepare samples?

Absolutely! Kitchen facilities aren't available to exhibitors, but Aramark is able to assist with kitchen prep and cooking. They provide full catering menus, as well as other supplies and equipment you might need. If you would like their assistance, review the catering services information.

Where can I display my new product?

The Fresh Ideas Showcase will be set up in the lobby just outside of the show floor and experiences a great deal of traffic before, during and after show hours. Choose to display your product in the main section or choose from one of these categories: On-The-Go, Certified Organic, Packaging Innovations, Technology Innovations, and Floral. Electricity and refrigeration are available upon request.

Where do I find help with my badges?

Each exhibitor is given a certain number of credits to use towards badges based on the size of your booth. Review badge registration for information and contact Member Services if you have trouble registering.

Can you explain the hotel reservation policies?

  • All hotel reservations must be made through our official housing company, Expovision.  All reservations require a credit card at the time of booking and a 1st night's room and tax deposit per reservation. Cancellations or changes for group blocks of 10 or more rooms must be received by September 15, 2023.
  • Cancellations or changes for group blocks of 9 or fewer rooms must be received by September 29, 2023.
  • All cancellations must be received in a written email to Review the Housing page for more information.

How can I track people visiting my booth?

You can order badge scanner(s) from ExpoBadge.  ExpoBadge offers desktop, mobile, and mobile app solutions to collect leads during the show.  If you are a first-time exhibitor, you'll also qualify for a 50% discount. Remember to follow up with your leads after the show!

Do you have a list of attendees?

We sure do! All primary and secondary contacts for exhibiting companies can access the attendee list via their login (you’ll see a link in the top-right that says Global Show Attendee Export). Everyone wants to minimize the amount of email they receive these days, so please be courteous and only send emails to people in your target market or key prospects. As we get closer to the show, you'll see more and more attendees appear on the list.

How can I interact with the media?

All exhibitors are encouraged to upload up to 20 press releases to the digital press room for the media to review. Download the press and media relations document for tips on coverage before, during, and after the show. We include information on receiving media lists, as well as how to using social media. We recommend extending media invitations three to four weeks prior to the show, as schedules fill up quickly. Don't forget to reach out to food bloggers as well!

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Email the expo team at or call +1 (302) 738-7100.  You should also sign up to receive Exhibitor Central, our blog where we post about all things exhibitors might need to know.


Kyle McMilan

Kyle McMillan

Director, Trade Shows
International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 607-2130
Nancy Pickersgill

Nancy Pickersgill

Trade Show Coordinator
International Fresh Produce Association

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