Top Fresh Produce Commodity Profiles

What Are the Latest Trends in Production, Global Trade and Consumer Sentiment?

IFPA Commodity Profiles bring you practical and accessible commodity trends in the global market. Here we provide the latest information on production, global trade, and consumer sentiment for top categories of fresh produce.

Top Commodity Profiles

Group of ripe green apple fruits with half and green leaves isolated on white background.

77% of consumers decide they are going to buy apples before they go shopping.

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Fresh green asparagus on white background.

Almost 1/3 of consumers who bought asparagus were higher income earners. 

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Half an avocado with pit

eaters are picky, 56% of consumers prefer to pick out avocados based on shape, color, or texture.

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Yellow isolated banana on white background

60% of consumers commonly describe bananas as affordable.

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blueberry isolated on white background

Almost 40% of consumers describe berries as healthier than other produce.

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Sliced cantaloupe

Cantaloupe and Melons
More than half of consumers say knowing when melons are in season will motivate them to purchase.

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Cherry with leaves isolated on white background.

Consumers aged 60 and older reported buying cherries more frequently than younger consumers.

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slice of pink grapefruit citrus fruit isolated on white background

When consumers want to boost their immunity, they choose citrus 40% of the time.

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Stack of fresh cucumber slices on white background.

73% of consumers reported that they use cucumbers as an ingredient in salad.

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A bunch of red grapes

65% of consumers are more likely to consume grapes then other fresh produce because of the little to no prep.

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lemon slice, isolated on a white background

Lemons and Limes
The consumption of lemons have been increasing in recent years.

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isolated lettuce

Almost 45% of consumers say that lettuce is a household staple.

Download the Report on Lettuce
Mango isolated on white background.

Consumers of mangoes are usually younger, with 1/3 of consumers being between 30-39 years old.

Download the Report on Mangoes
whole and sliced mushroom

65% of consumers say consumption of mushrooms is driven by their ease to cook with.

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whole onion

Onions are described as a household staple by almost 60% of consumers.

Download the Report on Onions
Orange fruit with orange slices and leaves isolated on white background.

62% of consumers eat oranges for their nutritional benefits such as vitamins and minerals.

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sweet green pepper, isolated on white background

70% of consumers prefer to purchase in bulk while being able to choose their individual pieces.

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Whole potato and sliced potato

61% of consumers say their consumption of potatoes is driven by their ease to cook.

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Red berry strawberry isolated on white background

The most frequent purchasers of strawberries are older consumers, with around 60% of 60+ year olds purchasing strawberries.

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Single bright red tomato

80% of consumers said tomatoes are a staple ingredient. 

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Ripe single full watermelon isolated on white background.

46% of consumers said they bought watermelon in the last year.

Download the Report on Watermelon

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