Sustainable Agriculture Strategies With Measure to Improve

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How crucial is it for businesses to integrate sustainability practices into their operations? Today, we're joined by Nikki Cossio, Kyle Cosgrove, and Gabe Worthington from Measure to Improve to explore the significance of their partnership with IFPA on the climate-smart commodities grant. As pioneers in building successful sustainability programs, they shed light on why sustainability has become imperative, especially in the fresh produce industry. With new regulations emerging and buyers increasingly demanding sustainability metrics, staying ahead in sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity for remaining competitive.

In this episode, we discuss the origins of climate-smart agriculture and the essential practices that businesses need to adopt. From understanding how the risks are removed to measuring inputs and yields, Nikki, Kyle, and Gabe provide insights to enhance your organization's sustainability efforts. Whether you're just beginning or already have a sustainability team, you'll learn how to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and equip yourself with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Key Takeaways:

  • What Measure to Improve does.
  • How Measure to Improve is involved with the IFPA grant.
  • Where the term climate-smart agriculture came from.
  • The key climate-smart production practices that should be encouraged.
  • How these incentives will encourage farmers to change their practices.
  • How the risks are removed from the growers.
  • The importance of measuring the inputs, outputs, and yields.

Ideas Worth Sharing

“Many companies have established departments for food safety and human resources, and sustainability is notably absent. However, it is becoming the cost of doing business.” - Nikki Cossio

“Make sure this is scalable, that it is real-world, and that it fits within a normal farming budget.” - Gabe Worthington

“Technology will play a huge role in advancing climate-smart agriculture.” - Kyle Cosgrove

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