Locally Grown Through Vertical Farming

Growing crops at full capacity is one of farmer's many extreme challenges. But some innovations help them create new techniques to meet these challenges head-on — like vertical farming.

With the help of Netled and Kasey Snyder, Sales Operations Manager, they are expanding the innovation of vertical farming to help farmers grow their crops at a higher capacity in any condition nature throws at them.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Marketing Netled to prospective growers and U.S. expansion
  • Developing new technologies in farming
  • Making vertical farming commercially viable


Marketing innovation: Attracting customers to the hidden machine behind the business

Netled was never built to be advertised on their seller’s product. Instead, as the hidden machine behind the business, Netled has always intended to create produce so incredible that no one wonders what the technology behind it is.

While this strategy helps growers utilizing Netled systems create the best, most efficient business, it can make marketing difficult. Luckily, the results of these vertical farming systems help build a use case for others in agriculture.

Our job is to make resellers shine. Our job is to ensure that their production is so flawless, seamless, and consistent, that no one ever wonders how the crop was grown or where it came from.

Kasey Snyder

Sales enablement and digital collaboration specialist.

According to Kasey, most of Netled’s marketing strategy exists around inbound inquiries. Vertical growing is currently on-trend, drawing the attention of inexperienced hobby growers and commercial farmers alike.

Netled also attends agriculture, farming, floral, and vegetable conferences and events, educating traditional growers, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers. By getting in front of these individuals and educating them on how vertical farming works and eradicating the misconceptions built around it, they help these growers decide if they are serious about the vertical growing space.

Finally, Netled has invested in creating a robust social media presence. With a social and cultural focus on locally grown and organic produce, many growers and consumers are attracted to Netled’s products. Increased brand visibility continues to draw in interested parties.

Developing new technologies, then tailoring them to client needs

One of Netled’s biggest challenges is also its biggest strength. Each vertical growing system is unique, with innovative technologies specifically tailored to the client, what they intend to grow, and the environment they are growing in. The custom approach works wonders for growers’ crops but also presents issues with pricing quotes and education, particularly considering the diversity of client needs.

Fortunately, with time and practice, Netled has developed a system that can educate and serve its customers most effectively and efficiently.

“We've created a map for how we educate someone — what they need to look for, what's going to create the best growing environment for various crops, and how to monitor.

Kasey Snyder

Sales enablement and digital collaboration specialist.

Not only are the technologies and systems built to the needs of each customer, but the services offered by the company are too. For self-sufficient, experienced vertical growers, hands-off services include the tech alone. But, for those that want more support in learning about each system and maintaining it over time, Netled has solutions.

Ultimately, Kasey and other leaders at Netled are excited about their developments across agriculture and the many innovations to come. Working with each customer to provide the educational foundation, vertical growing setup and tech, and long-term support and maintenance creates a service organization that truly values its customers and the future of agriculture.

With this value comes big aspirations. Kasey hopes Netled will grow to be a vital piece of large-scale commercial agriculture soon– and these goals aren’t too far out of reach.

Commercial viability: Vertical farming as the future of the industry

Vertical growing has broken into the commercial space. With a no-competition mindset, Netled has already secured its place with product-market fit.

Having recently made their first commercial deal, Netled is working with a business that grows 2.7 million pots of herbs annually sold in 340 stores across Sweden. This partnership has been a significant milestone on the way to commercial viability, and Kasey says someday, it will be their smallest partnership.

Our goal is to make vertical farming commercially viable. We're meant to do this at a very large scale, and be able to repeat the process in different locations for customers.

Kasey Snyder

Sales enablement and digital collaboration specialist.

The closed-loop growing system is one crucial factor that sets Netled apart from others within the market. These vertical farming systems exist in a way that all aspects of cultivation inform one another. Irrigation, climate, lighting, airflow, nutrients, and all other factors communicate within a closed loop system so that each crop season can be controlled or influenced for optimal growth and development.

While Netled has created this tailored, automated, and innovative system, they also pride themselves on partnership in the pre and post-growing phases.

Changing the world of agriculture and horticulture is not an easy feat. Netled has already made leaps and bounds but understands that a genuinely substantial impact will require partnering with similarly innovative and passional businesses.


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