Compostable Revolution: Sustainable Solutions to Plastic Waste with John Paap

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Have you ever wondered about the shift toward compostable materials and their role in reducing plastic waste? Join us in this episode with John Paap, a multifaceted expert in the industry, as he delves into the driving factors behind compostables and their advantages. In this conversation, John paints a vivid picture of the current state of plastic usage in the market, shedding light on the pressing need for sustainable alternatives.

You will learn how compostable materials offer a solution to this global dilemma and the primary advantages they bring to the table. John also shares why it's crucial for both consumers and businesses to embrace compostables and the challenges we face, from building the necessary composting infrastructure to educating the public about its benefits. In a world striving for eco-friendly solutions, understanding compostable materials is not just a choice, but also a responsibility.


  • The current state of plastic use in the industry.
  • The driving factors behind compostables.
  • What the primary advantages are of adopting compostable materials.
  • The challenges we may face as we look at compostables.
  • Which compostable ingredients can be used in place of plastic.
  • The importance of knowing where the compostable material comes from.

“The biggest challenges that we face when it comes to compostables are infrastructure and education.”
John Paap


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