Life Cycle Assessments in Packaging Sustainability

with Wyatt Maysey

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Wyatt Maysey, Director of Sustainability for Taylor Farms, joins the show to continue our conversation about sustainable packaging. Wyatt's extensive background in sustainability and his commitment to considering the entire life cycle of a product provide a unique perspective. In this episode, he shares valuable insights into the concept of renewable resources, the significance of life cycle assessments (LCAs), and the key factors to consider when evaluating packaging sustainability.

Listen in as Wyatt emphasizes the importance of moving beyond a narrow focus on end-of-life recycling and expanding our understanding of the entire life cycle of materials. He highlights the critical need for more LCAs and data to shape a sustainable future. You will learn about sustainable packaging practices, discover the complexities of LCAs, and explore the vital role they play in shaping a more environmentally conscious world.


  • What renewable means and if it is the same as sustainable.
  • What a life cycle assessment is when it comes to packaging.
  • What should be accounted for in evaluating packaging sustainability.
  • The need for functionality in packaging for produce.
  • What we should keep an eye on in terms of regulation in sustainable packaging.
  • Why we must remember that food is medicine and is essential for life.

“Food is medicine and we have to consider how we can get fresh cut fruit and vegetables out to the greater amount of the population.”
- Wyatt Maysey


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