Bayer's Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture and Climate-Smart Solutions

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Join Bayer leaders, Cristiane Lourenço and Josh VanDeWalle, as they unveil Bayer Crop Science's commitment to sustainability and regenerative agriculture. They break down how sustainability aligns with Bayer's mission, exploring practical strategies for optimizing resources and leaving a positive impact on soil and communities.

Learn about the transformative role of breeding techniques, offering growers sustainable production pathways. Listen in as they share the innovative business models contributing to climate-smart agriculture and how we can actively engage in practical solutions to global challenges.


  • What Bayer’s primary sustainability commitments are.
  • The difference between regenerative and climate-smart agriculture.
  • How breeding is being used in vegetable seeds.
  • The new business models that aim to contribute to climate-smart agriculture.
  • The importance of making steps towards solutions rather than just talking about them.

“Growers, more and more, are not only looking at the price but also how that crop will impact the environment."
- Cristiane Lourenço

“We see regenerative agriculture and climate-smart agriculture as the next evolution of sustainability.” - Josh VanDeWalle

“Can we not only optimize our resources and what we have available, but actually leave the soil, the communities and the environment better than what we found it?” - Josh VanDeWalle


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