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Climate-Smart Agriculture Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

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Today Suzy Friedman, Senior Director of Food Policy at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), joins the show to share the organization's commitment to sustainability. In this episode, Suzy emphasizes that the ability to sustain our food sources relies fundamentally on healthy ecosystems and biodiversity. Suzy explains the urgency of adopting quick and accessible solutions for broader adaptation and explores how cutting-edge technologies are discovered to reach these sustainability goals.

You will learn the value of collaboration and collective effort in turning sustainability commitments into tangible actions. Suzy also sheds light on the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable communities and advocates for drawing wisdom from indigenous traditional ecological knowledge in climate-smart agriculture. Listen in as we dissect the critical considerations of equity and access in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture, emphasizing the need to restructure programs to address infrastructural requirements and ensure products reach the market effectively.


  • The sustainability commitments of WWF
  • Why climate-smart agriculture is essential for the future of our planet?
  • The importance of measuring our progress in sustainable agriculture.
  • Why these solutions must be quick and easy for broader adaptation?
  • How new technologies are found?
  • How climate change impacts vulnerable communities?
  • The benefit of learning from indigenous traditional ecological knowledge.
  • How we can make sustainable agriculture more accessible?

“The ability to continue to feed ourselves depends on healthy and functioning ecosystems and biodiversity."
- Suzy Friedman

“There is a real need and opportunity with climate-smart agriculture to learn from indigenous traditional ecological knowledge.” - Suzy Friedman

“If we don’t think about how to structure programs differently, such as what kind of infrastructure is needed to ensure those crops and products can get to market and what those landscapes need, we could have unintended consequences. Just like if you only focus on climate-smart, you could have unintended consequences for water, biodiversity or other things.” - Suzy Friedman


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