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With a wealth of experience predating the widespread discussions on sustainability, Julie DiNatale, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at FMC Corporation, joins the show to share a look into FMC's commitment to sustainability.

As the world faces the dual challenge of feeding a growing population while safeguarding our planet, FMC focuses on empowering farmers to achieve optimal results with minimal resources. In this episode, discover the crucial role stewardship plays in sustainable agriculture, bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and responsible farming practices.

You will learn about the foundations of regenerative agriculture, an outcomes-based approach aimed at enhancing soil health, biodiversity, and emissions reduction. Uncover the often-overlooked significance of crop protection in the broader context of climate solutions. Julie also sheds light on the vital support farmers need to transition successfully into regenerative agriculture, preparing them for the challenges posed by climate change.

“As the world advances and there are a lot more mouths to feed, expectations of protecting human health and environmental health increase and we want to make sure that our farmers can still produce food and other resources productively."
- Julie DiNatale

“Crop protection is important to remember in part of climate solutions.” - Julie DiNatale

“Don’t cut out crop protection solutions. Make sure they’re modern. Make sure farmers are using quality products with quality stewardship, with support, so we don’t create a black market for these products.” - Julie DiNatale


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