Sampling Product in your Booth

JULY 25-26, 2024 - MONTEREY, CA

Exhibitors are encouraged to sample their products in their booth.

Making a personal connection with buyers by sampling new products at our foodservice show is a great way to tell your story and communicate why your brand/product is unique. Sample some fresh produce or cook up a unique recipe for a chance to win this year's Chef's Choice Award.

Catering Contacts
Two catering companies service this event based on your booth location.  Please reach out with any questions or needs that you have in relation to food sample preparation, ice orders, washing facilities, etc. 

Booths located in Serra Ballroom will use the following contact for catering needs:
Monterey Marriott
Kimberly Barrett
+1 (831) 647-4064

Booths located in DeAnza Ballroom & Foyer will use the following contact for catering needs:
Portola Hotel and Spa
Megan Strandburg
+1 (831) 649-7847

Order Deadline
Orders that are placed with catering after July 2, 2024 may incur additional charges and be subject to product and staffing availability.

Chef's Choice Award
Sample your best dish at this year's Foodservice Expo to entice buyers to your booth. You will be eligible for the Chef's Choice Award, a contest designed for exhibitors to showcase unique recipes that highlight their product. All you have to do is sample your innovative dish during expo hours, where a team of chefs will stop by all booths to sample recipes. The winner will be announced at the end of the show.

Quantity of Samples
If you will be serving samples in your booth, plan to serve between 100-200 sample size servings during the show.  

Safe Food Handling
Booth personnel serving samples must wear gloves. Masks and sneeze guards are encouraged but not required.

IFPA (International Fresh Produce Association) has never had a case of foodborne illness linked to distribution of food products on the expo floor. To maintain this record, we have established requirements for foodservice by exhibitors. Please review the Guidelines for Safe Food Handling for best practices in food safety. If you need washing facilities for your product, please contact your catering sales manager.

Heat Producing Devices
Exhibitors are ONLY allowed to use electric hot plates for cooking in their booths.  Deep fryers and propane are prohibited on the show floor. Please review the fire regulations for more information. If you need additional assistance with preparing your samples, please contact your designated catering sales manager.

Alcohol In Your Booth 
If you want to serve alcohol in your booth, fill out this request form for approval before July 2. Once you fill in the form, contact the catering representative allocated to your booth to order your alcohol and bartender. All alcohol must be purchased through and served by the convention center catering company.

Product for Your Booth:
All booth display product will be delivered to your booth Friday morning unless otherwise requested. Be sure to have your exhibiting company name and booth # clearly marked on any shipments. Use the Perishable Shipping Label on each box.  

Thank you to Boskovich for once again providing complimentary refrigerated storage for the show.

Shipping Catering Products
If the catering company is preparing samples for your booth, please send products directly to them.

Each venue will provide a catering label or instructions on when and where to ship your products once your arrangements are made with them.

DO NOT mix catering product in with your booth shipment. DO NOT ship your booth display product to the catering company.

Recommended Produce Supplier
If you need assistance with pre-show storage, handling, or purchasing of product, you may reach out to our recommended produce supplier. It is not mandatory that you use the IFPA recommended supplier River Fresh Farms, but they are available to help facilitate the funneling of product to the expo hall.  For more information, please contact River Fresh Farms at +1 (831) 998-7749 or


Kyle McMilan

Kyle McMillan

Director, Trade Shows

International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 607-2130
Nancy Pickersgill

Nancy Pickersgill

Trade Show Coordinator
International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 781-5857