Opportunity to Increase Sales in Floral During Inflationary Times

IFPA research found that 8% of consumers are loyal flower purchasers in supermarkets. Flowers are on their shopping list!

Yet we have work to do. 

Twenty-three percent of shoppers walk right by the floral department, and 16% of consumers believe they cannot afford flowers. This is nearly 40% of our potential market. Another opportunity to increase sales is to turn the 14% of consumers who only purchase floral products as gifts into self-purchasers.

How can we maximize our merchandising, messaging and product mix to attract these customers?

Flowers are a merchandiser's chance to affect the bottom line. Almost 30% of consumers purchase flowers if they catch their eye.


IFPA's research indicates that women plan to purchase more flowers/potted plants in the next six month than men, though more men plan on purchasing the same amount as they did in the past year. How do we engage male consumers in the floral department?

IFPA found multicolored flowers to be the most popular color scheme with consumers when purchasing flowers for themselves. Excluding multicolored flowers, men tended to prefer red flowers while women preferred pink and purple flowers. Greens and white were the least desirable.


With the right product mix, flowers can be recession-proof as consumers choose from a wide range of prices and products.

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