Valentine's Day 2022: Floral Forecast

It appears that even during a pandemic, consumers believe it is important to celebrate those they love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are excited to report that 39% of consumers polled in a U.S. panel expect to purchase flowers at a supermarket for Valentine’s Day 2022, according to International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) research.


This is substantial considering Americans spent $2 billion on flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2021 according to National Retail Federation (NRF). Overall, 36% of consumers purchased flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2021, down 1% from 2020 after an 11% increase from 2019 to 2020, according to NRF.

This year, overall expenditures for gifts on Valentine’s Day are expected to surpass the $22 billion spent on Valentine’s Day in 2021 even though the holiday falls the day after the Super Bowl, according to NRF.

The good news is the same IFPA poll cited above found 56% of consumers do NOT expect the Super Bowl to influence their decision to purchase flowers at a supermarket for Valentine’s Day.


The Super Bowl can be an opportunity to increase floral sales, with over 186 million adults planning to watch it and 77% of those folks planning to purchase food and beverages for the occasion, according to NRF.

Of the $2 billion spent on flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2021, red roses were the most popular, according to NRF. Red roses made up nearly 70% of all rose sales for Valentine’s Day 2021.

This year an overwhelming majority of consumers agree that supermarkets have good to great quality flowers at a good to great price, according IFPA’s poll.

IFPA-OnePulse-WEB-January-84 Perception.jpg

Americans spend $165 on average on Valentine’s Day, according to NRF. Supermarkets can capture a portion of these dollars in 2022 by having the right selection, at the right price, with the right quality.


IFPA will continue to track flower sales for Valentine’s Day after the holiday by polling retailers and reporting on the floral point-of-sale data.

Join us for a 1-day floral conference March 29, 2022 in Anaheim, CA, to further discuss consumer perceptions of supermarket flowers.

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