Approved Vendors

JULY 25-26, 2024 - MONTEREY, CA

Place orders by July 2, 2024 to receive discounted rates.

Before placing any orders, be sure to verify official vendors using the list below.

Exhibitors using an exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC) must complete this form prior to the show. All EACs must be aware and abide by all union rules and regulations. 

Approved Vendors

General Service Contractor 

(Furniture, cleaning, electric, labor, shipping, material handling) 

Tricord Tradeshow Services 

+1 (831) 883-8600

Use the Tricord Online Ordering System or use the forms below. An email will be sent to each exhibitor from Tricord with your login information.  

Order Forms:  
Include the Tricord Exhibitor Payment Form with ALL orders.

Badge Scanning-Lead Retrieval


+1 (714) 630-2945
Toll Free:+1 (800) 490-9941

Catering and Food Prep

Serra Ballroom Booths 100-623 contact:
Monterey Marriott 
Eddie Guice

DeAnza Ballroom Booths 701-1103 contact:
Portola Hotel and Spa

Megan Strandburg  
+1 (831) 649-7847 

Sampling Information
Contact your assigned booth catering rep. directly for ordering and sample preparations.

Hotel Reservations


+1 (866) 774-0457  

Internet / WiFi

Encore Global 

Dominic Giuriato 
+1 (831) 646-3756

Liability Insurance

Rainprotection Insurance

+1 (800) 528-7975

Request to Serve Alcohol

International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 781-5857 
Nancy Pickersgill

Submit this form  

Hire a bartender and alcohol supplies from Catering contacts above.  

Produce Supplier

River Fresh Farms

+1 (831) 998-7072


Kyle McMilan

Kyle McMillan

Director, Trade Shows

International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 607-2130
Nancy Pickersgill

Nancy Pickersgill

Trade Show Coordinator
International Fresh Produce Association

+1 (302) 781-5857