Future of Agriculture Podcast

Connecting Tech Entrepreneurs to the Produce Industry with Vonnie Estes

Today’s bonus episode is a rebroadcast of an episode from the Future of Agriculture Podcast which features Vonnie Estes, vice president of innovation along with some of the entrepreneurs and mentors that participated in IFPA’s Fresh Field Catalyst this past year.

This conversation is a great chance to talk about tech and innovation in the produce industry in general. Our conversation covers some of the challenges facing this industry, including water, labor, food safety, traceability, quality, compliance and more. And you’ll hear from entrepreneurs and industry leaders about differentiation, consumer preferences, indoor ag, traceability, and automation and robotics.

The intention of the Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator is to attract companies that already have a product in the market somewhere. That could be a market outside of agriculture, or perhaps in row crops, or maybe in produce but in another geography. So they’re looking for companies that already have some traction, but maybe haven’t directed much focus to produce yet but think that there might be value in that market. 


Vonnie Estes quote: In places where you can't grow outside, some are going to say, maybe I should do indoor because that's a good way for me to produce, given the restrictions that I have on inputs and land.

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